An Interview with Ramesh Chauhan, Author of ‘Learning Alfresco Web scripts’

By On Dec 30, 2014

Ramesh Chauhan, Lead Consultant with CIGNEX Datamatics, recently wrote a book on Alfresco titled “Learning Alfresco Web Scripts”, a comprehensive guide to understanding Alfresco web script development and frameworks. Web Scripts is a powerful feature of Alfresco for building integration solutions on top of the Alfresco repository and is a subject of interest to the Alfresco community.


Magento Based e-Commerce Application for Fashion Retail Industry

By On Dec 23, 2014

An enhanced e-Commerce is very much the need of an hour to keep pace with the exponentially growing online retail industry. e-Marketers forecast online retail to be a $435 billion industry by 2017 and till 2018 as per Forester research, web will account for 11% of total U.S. retail sales. There is a dying need among brands to be present in all aspect of customer interaction with a common platform that provides ease and resemblance.


Building Digital Marketing Platform using Drupal

By On Sep 05, 2014

Marketing has evolved over the years with the changing preferences of target audience. As the target audience is shifting online, marketers are leveraging the digital channels to communicate with them accordingly. The primary role of marketing is demand creation, in order to attract the target audience & address their needs & requirements. Marketing owns one of the powerful channels which is the website - the face of the company.


Top 10 Reasons Why Enterprise Should Adopt Open Source

By On Aug 27, 2014

Today, Open Source solutions (OSS) have become a transformational IT trend: enterprise increasingly sees them as more flexible, less expensive, and easier to manage than alternatives offered by proprietary application vendors. “Open Source”,  the term itself, was coined in the mid 90’s but almost a decade passed before CIOs would sit up and take notice of the effortlessness with which Open Source will have managed to emerge as a disruptive technology.


Integrate warehouse's ERP with Magento Open Source e-Commerce Portal to optimize product assortment

By On Jul 09, 2014

Recently we have used Embedded ERP module in one of my Website. So I thought to write my experience with the module and share it with everyone.

What is Embedded ERP?


How to integrate responsive BOOTSTRAP theme to drupal site

By On Jul 09, 2014

Bootstrap is a Open Source responsive theme containing modular CSS and re-usable commonly used interface elements with advanced features (e.g. grouping of buttons or buttons with drop-down option, make and navigation lists, horizontal and vertical tabs, navigation, breadcrumb navigation, pagination, etc.). The theme supports fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment.


Best configuration to improve performance and scalability of Drupal websites

By On Jun 17, 2014

In CIGNEX, we review lot of modules to help our clients improve their website performance and scalability. We recommend few modules and configuration that has impact on Drupal website performance. Although hosting configuration helps them to speed up websites, aforementioned accelerators optimize Drupal websites:


Increasing User Adoption of Enterprise Portals with Liferay-based Gamification

By On Mar 14, 2014

First defined by Nick Pelling in 2002, Gamification has become a broadly understood term in business to explain game like behavior which can be transferred to non-gaming situations in order to drive customer, employee and product engagement. Targeting the brain’s reward centers, gamification techniques satisfy unique human desires such as self-expression, altruism, competition, a sense of socialization and status recognition among peers.


Managing a Billion Object Repository using Alfresco as a Big Content Platform

By On Jan 07, 2014

The content across organizations (private, public, government) continues to grow. Content is spinning out at an increasing rate with high-volume and high-velocity. Big Content can be in form of records, documents, blogs, media, files, web logs, social media feeds and more. Big Content is required to manage this huge unstructured data along with structured data.


Architecting Scalable Open Source e-Commerce Store with Magento

By On Dec 13, 2013

e-Commerce inception can be traced back to the late 1970s. This industry is undergoing a dynamic phenomenon to meet the needs of growing consumers. With over 2 billion internet users estimated worldwide in 2011, forecasts estimate it to grow to 3 billion by 2015. As per, this market is estimated to generate revenue ranging from $700 billion to $950 billion in 2015.