Integrate warehouse's ERP with Magento Open Source e-Commerce Portal to optimize product assortment

By On Jul 09, 2014

Recently we have used Embedded ERP module in one of my Website. So I thought to write my experience with the module and share it with everyone.

What is Embedded ERP?


Best configuration to improve performance and scalability of Drupal websites

By On Jun 17, 2014

In CIGNEX, we review lot of modules to help our clients improve their website performance and scalability. We recomend few modules and configuration that has impact on Drupal website performance. Although hosting configuration help them to speed up websites, aforementioned accelerators optimize Drupal websites:


Increasing User Adoption of Enterprise Portals with Liferay-based Gamification

By On Mar 14, 2014

First defined by Nick Pelling in 2002, Gamification has become a broadly understood term in business to explain game like behavior which can be transferred to non-gaming situations in order to drive customer, employee and product engagement. Targeting the brain’s reward centers, gamification techniques satisfy unique human desires such as self-expression, altruism, competition, a sense of socialization and status recognition among peers.


Managing a Billion Object Repository using Alfresco as a Big Content Platform

By On Jan 07, 2014

The content across organizations (private, public, government) continues to grow. Content is spinning out at an increasing rate with high-volume and high-velocity. Big Content can be in form of records, documents, blogs, media, files, web logs, social media feeds and more. Big Content is required to manage this huge unstructured data along with structured data.


Architecting Scalable Open Source e-Commerce Store with Magento

By On Dec 13, 2013

e-Commerce inception can be traced back to the late 1970s. This industry is undergoing a dynamic phenomenon to meet the needs of growing consumers. With over 2 billion internet users estimated worldwide in 2011, forecasts estimate it to grow to 3 billion by 2015. As per, this market is estimated to generate revenue ranging from $700 billion to $950 billion in 2015.


Streamline Delivery of Rich Media with Alfresco for In-Flight Entertainment Market

By On Dec 10, 2013

Entertainment industry continues to grow since it has become ubiquitous. Entertainment has proliferated in our day to day life with electronic gadgets like laptop, mobile phone, MP3 players, home theatre, portable devices and more.  Young generation is leveraging these media channels to have entertainment on-the-go. Even on a short flight to your destination, you can’t miss browsing through the movies, music tracks and games made available on your seat.


Top 10 Features Your Enterprise Intranet Can’t Do Without

By On Dec 03, 2013

Organizations are investing time and resources to make the intranet their central destination for all their employee needs. Intranet not only serves as a destination for knowledge management, but also helps to connect employees across all departments. This platform has emerged as a powerful communication tool for internal communications and adding newer dimension and functionalities to cater to all employee needs. 


Face-to-face with Vandana Pal & Jayesh Prajapati, co-authors of ‘Alfresco 4 ECM Implementation’

By On Oct 08, 2013

Vandana Pal and Jayesh Prajapati are the co-authors of recently published Alfresco 4 Enterprise Content Management Implementation which provides guidance on managing your business documents with standard practices to automate business processes.


Face-to-face with Sandeep Nair, Author of ‘Liferay Portal 6 Starter (Instant)’

By On Oct 08, 2013

Sandeep is the author of recently published Liferay Portal 6 Starter (Instant) which gives quick insights of Liferay and its features giving the readers a comprehensive understanding of Liferay as a portal platform. This is the second book after co-authoring Liferay Beginner’s Guide in 2012


Just-In-Time Processing with Knowledge Management Portal Solution

By On Oct 07, 2013

Alfresco Integrated Solution