About Us

Our expertise in Open Source enterprise solutions helps you radically reduce IT costs while rolling out new solutions

Since 2000, CIGNEX Datamatics has focused on Making Open Source Work(R) for the enterprise. With our client-focused approach we have delivered over 400 Open Source enterprise solutions globally across various industries including portal development, content management, and big data analytics.

We deliver Open Source solutions that help clients:

  • address business goals
  • increase business velocity
  • lower the cost of doing business
  • reduce TCO
  • gain competitive advantage

Our proven experience with Open Source technologies allows us to deliver and deploy large complex solutions. The ability to integrate Open Source with proprietary and legacy technologies sets us apart from other providers, enabling organizations with a traditional IT models to take advantage of the flexibility and cost-savings of an open IT environment.

Employees are the Thought Leaders at CIGNEX Datamatics. With diverse backgrounds and specialized skills our team delivers the one thing that our clients want most – RESULTS.

Numerous industry recognitions and partner recognitions have reinforced our belief in delivering client-focused solutions with thought leadership to deliver results beyond client expectations.

Our Value Proposition to our clients

  • Minimize Risk
    • We take the risk out of Open Source adoption by identifying and recommending commercial Open Source solutions that match your specific requirements
    • Seamless migration from or integration to existing enterprise solutions due to deep technology background of our team
    • Upgrades and updates are supported by a robust maintenance and support model
  • Reduce TCO
    • Partnering with CIGNEX Datamatics to adopt Open Source solutions reduces  TCO up to 90% compared to proprietary alternatives across software license, infrastructure, annual maintenance contracts (AMC), and roll out
  • Gain Control
    • Reduce dependency on software vendors by providing an Open Source based solution and eliminate vendor lock-in
    • Pick and choose the functionality you need rather than being burdened with unnecessary software that consumes infrastructure and resources
    • Adopt solutions that meet your business needs and processes instead of modifying your business process to meet the solution requirement