For any business or enterprise, objective is to improve revenue, cost efficiency, business processes, and create more agile organizations.

Portals, Content & Collaboration (PCC) solutions provide a single window to information and services across enterprise applications with a personalized and intuitive user interface across all delivery channels and devices. The interface provides a comprehensive environment that connects diverse users, legacy processes, and disparate content types; to help end users or customers create valuable collaborative relationships and achieve business goals. 


PCC Solutions include:


Product website
Custom portals


Web content management & publishing
Integration with other content applications


Employee Engagement Portal
Supplier/Vendor Portal
Partners Portal
Customers/Community Portal


  • Access anytime, anywhere, any device
    • Responsive design
    • Secured Single-Sign-On (SSO)
    • ForgeRock’s Identity Relationship Management (IRM) – User Management, Authorization, and Authentication
  • Collaboration – Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Employees, and Communities
    • Workflow, File exchanges, Idea management
    • Wikis, Blogs, Forums, Chat, Email, Social wall and Team Calendars
  • Enterprise Integration through MuleSoft – SOA, SaaS integration and APIs
    • Integrate with legacy custom applications, 3rd party application Microsoft Office Tools
    • Integrate with social media websites, analytics

Why CIGNEX Datamatics?

CIGNEX Datamatics has experience of developing PCC solutions for various customers including migrating portals, content, and collaboration systems from proprietary technologies to proven Open Source technology products based solutions.  CIGNEX Datamatics has partnered with leading Open Source product vendors - Liferay to deliver Open Source PCC, MuleSoft for Enterprise Integration and ForgeRock to deliver secured role-based access over IoT (Internet of Things)

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