The increasing emphasis in data driven business decision making has laid course to various Business Intelligence Platforms offering various important capabilities. From Analytic Dashboards to integrating and deploying the Business Intelligence solution in the enterprise ecosystem enterprises need a platform that is cross functional and delivers decisive insights in real time. Tableau is an intuitive data discovery platform that allows enterprises to better comprehend their data. With a fully hosted solution as well as on premise and cloud model, Tableau offers various models based on deployment sizes.


Data Preparation and ETL

Extensive multi-step rule-based processing which involves de-duplication, geo-coding, smart-filtering over huge dataset etc

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Tableau Dashboards

Seamless visualization leveraging various data points and records with faster response time enabling decision making

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Tableau Best Practices

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other useful guidelines that helps your team setup Tableau over your data lakes

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Tableau Implementation

End to end management from data preparation to support and maintenance

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Real Time Scalable Data Ingestion & Enrichment with a Data Lake using Hadoop and Tableau

Client was a leading provider of engineering services in Oil & Gas industry who wanted to centralize their data repository to support varied data processing workloads and analyze new streams of unstructured data and delivers deep analytics. Leveraging Hadoop Ecosystem we architected a Data Lake solution that ingested feeds in real time, established data & business associations between disparate internal and external systems, and processed data at varying workloads. Tableau was used to deliver visualization on the data to various types of users of the system. The platform enabled client in generating better insights for decision making and forecast business performance.

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