Typical Challenges during upgrade

Upgrading your solution stack ensures a level of continuity in terms of the developments within the technology ecosystem. Routine upgrade planning is essential not only to remain up to date, but also to receive support for plugins, extensions and code issues. The primary resistance to upgrade is the rationale – ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Often the objective of transferring huge amount of data, plugins, and workflows into a new version can seem overwhelming. Here are the major challenges w.r.t. upgrades in DXP.

  • Maturing to a Platform from a Portal - With features like Campaign Manager, Single Customer View, Analytics, Connected Services, Liferay is matured beyond a conventional portal platform
  • Business Continuity – Coexistence with existing applications
  • Total Cost of Ownership – ROI – Long vs. Short Term
  • Solution Expertise – Functional and Technical Skills
Why Upgrade to Liferay DXP?
  • Improve Customer Experience - Ensure that your customers are having a good time
  • Flexible and Modular - Integrate with multiple device interfaces and disparate applications
  • Cost Saving – Early migration saves cost
CIGNEX Datamatics approach to Liferay DXP Upgrade
  • Pre Upgrade Phase – From assessing application architecture to ensuring data integrity making sure all the variables are factored and accounted for before going for upgrade
  • Upgrade Phase – Setting up environment, upgrading extensions, web content, file system to completing functional and integration testing
  • Post Upgrade Phase – Promotion to production after completing UAT and running necessary sanity checks on the platform.
About CIGNEX Datamatics Liferay DXP Upgrade Assessment Plan

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