Automated Content Management & Publishing workflow with Alfresco as back-end ECM for collaborative and secure content creation, review, approval and archival process integrated with Drupal as front-end WCM for rich web visitor experience and ease of website content updates.

Drupal as Web Content Management Platform:

Drupal is an open source, web content management platform powering millions of websites and intranet applications. Flexibility of Drupal as a front end web development platform is best fit for building interactive websites along with responsive layouts. For content administrator, Drupal uses a point-and-click interface to let you add pages, menus, images and file uploads and it enforces security, so you can apply permissions to different kinds of users.  Drupal WCM is highly suitable to build scalable mobile web applications.  As your website grows, it's easy to add custom features from the thousands of free modules and integrate with existing/other third party application.

Alfresco as Enterprise Document and Content Management Platform:

Alfresco is an enterprise content platform helping enterprises to store, access and share the documents across business units and external audience. Alfresco support features such as document transformation, business rules, secure access, robust workflow engine and collaboration.  Alfresco can store millions of documents, images, videos and can provide advanced search capabilities to search across variety of meta-data including full-text search.

Why Drupal and Alfresco Integrated Solution?

  1. To streamline traditional document staging, versioning, authorization and workflow processes.
  2. Rollout content on extranet or intranet websites without expert technical know-how.
  3. Create multiple sites and share/manage content across multiple sites using the single repository behind the scenes
  4. Build high performance and user friendly web sites  using the secure and scalable repository

Integrated Drupal & Alfresco Solution - to deliver best of web content management and enterprise content management:

Adoption of Open Source technologies based Drupal and Alfresco Integrated solution helps enterprise to integrate multi-channel content delivery mechanism, business analytics, dynamically changing workflow, social networking and content personalization to stay relevant in the markets.

The solution will help enterprise to implement various solutions.  One of them is,

Automated Content Management & Publishing Solution that improves the overall quality and efficiency of the process by automating the content life cycle with scheduled content publishing.

Features of Integrated Drupal WCM & Alfresco ECM Solution includes

  • Secured Document/Content Repository with flexible workflow engine
  • Next-generation Collaboration powered to publish content across social media sites, microsites, vendor sites and more…
  • Superior Publishing with expert content auditing and digital rights management
  • Comprehensive Site visitor, customer, campaign or product/service offering analytics reports
  • SEO effectiveness to enhance performance of online web content
  • Rapid Scalability with standardize architecture
  • Device Portability with Responsive Theme and support for mobile applications
  • Managed Cloud based hosting to provide resilient extranet site

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Success Stories

Click here to learn how a leading city government in the West Coast of US adopted Alfresco (content management) and Drupal (web content) integrated solutions for interactive and up-to-date e-Governance Portal.