Sandeep is the author of recently published Liferay Portal 6 Starter (Instant) which gives quick insights of Liferay and its features giving the readers a comprehensive understanding of Liferay as a portal platform. This is the second book after co-authoring Liferay Beginner’s Guide in 2012

As an engineering Graduate, Sandeep began his career in 2006 as a Java developer. He started exploring Liferay from 2008. A certified SCJP developer, Sandeep is proficient with Liferay development, consulting, implementing apart from imparting trainings on Liferay. Sandeep has more than 1600 posts in Liferay forums. In leisure time, Sandeep likes reading books and writing blogs.

1. This is your second book after co-authoring ‘Liferay Beginner’s Guide’. How is the overall experience?

Indeed feels amazing. It’s a great sense of achievement. The beauty of book writing is you learn more while you write.

2. Who should read this book and why?

Instant Liferay Portal 6 Starter is ideal for new users who want to understand what Liferay is all about. This book will quickly give them an overview about Liferay Portal and its features. It is also good for those who want to analyze and compare whether Liferay is fit for their business & technology requirements and are interested to learn about unique features of Liferay.

3. What is the difference between co-authoring and independently authoring a book? Any learning you experienced whilst writing process?

Co-authoring helps us in learning how to co-ordinate, making sure we speak the same lingo and that there is a continuity & flow in the chapters written by all co-authors, whilst being an independent author gives you complete freedom on how you want to structure your book. Since this was a starter book, I ensured the inclusion of only necessary features and tailor the whole technology aspects in my writing in such a way, that a reader gets maximum understanding out of it and yet it’s a very quick and easy read.

4. You are actively contributing to Open Source community via blogs, forums and books authoring. What are the motivating factors that keep you going?

While I started working with Liferay on 2008, as a newbie I always looked for answers on forums and blogs by other experienced members of the community then. Even a small help mattered most. Eventually I have gained experience on this technology and it really feels great when you help others through forums or blogs and even more happy when I get appreciated by them for the help extended. Besides that, whenever you explain or help others, you learn more. It’s a constant learning process.
Being with CIGNEX Datamatics, our CTO Munwar Shariff has always encouraged us to actively contribute to the community for the continuous growth, evolution and learning. That’s what keeps me going.

5. Tell us something about your current projects and assignments.

Right now I am working as a technical architect, design components and functionalities to help a leader in risk management services and products to standardize their portal platform on Liferay