Similar to other business entities, legal firms too face the complex challenge of disruptions in the law field. In order to make the most of this shift, they will have to adapt themselves to the changing market and transforming trends. While globalization happens to be a significant reason for this change, you also can’t ignore the deep impact of tech innovations. Rapid shifts in the global market and ever-changing consumer preferences have led to the emergence of innovative technologies. And what better illustration of the impact and influence of this trend than DuoLaw to prove it to you.

Decoding the Revolution: What’s DuoLaw?

Every law firm is different from the other. From handling clients to legal proceedings, every law firm exhibits distinctive functioning. With such unique traits and distinguished modus operandi, it becomes imperative for them to choose a proper communication and work platform.

It’s here that DuoLaw emerges as the perfect solution.  As a customizable Drupal 8 profile for legal firms, DuoLaw helps individual law firms keep their bottom line intact. Depending upon the specific requirements of your firm, you can leverage the DuoLaw platform, thus creating a distinctive identity for your company.

So, how does DuoLaw make a difference to your legal firm? Let’s find out.

Importance of tailored approaches

Before comprehending the benefits of DuoLaw, it will be essential to have a complete lowdown on its features. As a revolutionary website building aid from Duo and Cignex Datamatics, DuoLaw is something more than just a template.

Rather you can call it a unique platform or inception point for stunning, creative, and scalable legal websites. Some of the exclusive highlights of this platform include:

  1. Client focused: The platform focuses on the distinguished needs of every law firm. Legal practitioners can now have access to all the highly significant and unique features while building their online presence.
  2. Personalized designs: DuoLaw will grant you the opportunity to create personalized design layouts, unique functionalities, and exceptional visuals for your site. You can build your online presence, just the way you want to.
  3. Multi-device compatibility: With the help of DuoLaw, law experts will earn the golden chance to reach out to innumerable clients. Its multi-device compatibility feature will ensure responsive site development.

How can DuoLaw revolutionize legal processes?

The exclusive functionalities and features of this platform will inevitably ensure a strong, effective, and reliable presence for your law site. Here are some of the ways DuoLaw offers a rewarding experience for you and your clients.

Some of the unique and exclusive features of this platform include:

  • Base Theme
  • Landing pages for Practice groups
  • Contact Pages
  • Location Pages
  • People Search
  • Attorney Pages
  • Homepage
  • Practice Pages

Apart from these functionalities, DuoLaw also comes up with an amazing news hub and resources. Some of the captivating features are as follows:

  • News items
  • Downloads
  • Events
  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • External links

In a profession where unrestricted access to upcoming news and information happens to be a crucial requisite, DuoLaw offers all that lawyers, and legal firms could ever ask for. With these functionalities and features, the platform will entirely revolutionize operations in a legal firm.

By automating critical processes, the platform will streamline every function and tasks performed by the legal firm.

Benefits of Drupal 8

As stated right at the onset, DuoLaw works on the Drupal 8 installation profile, which brings about quite a few benefits for law firms. With zero licensing fees, responsive framework, native integrations, and easy content authorization, Drupal 8 emerges as an ideal option in this context.

Signing off

If you wish to scale your law firm and meet the specific expectations of clients, investing in DuoLaw will yield incredible RoI. Connect with us at CIGNEX Datamatics to know how you can easily and seamlessly integrate this Drupal 8 installation profile.