Seven months. Yes, that’s the time passed by ever since the world has been plunged into this never ceasing lockdown mode. In this age of the new normal, going back to our previous routines seems like a faraway dream therefore, all we have to do is adopt the new and improved strategies in order to stay afloat. 

Currently, with the dwindling economy surrounding us, entrepreneurs are reshaping their existing business models in order to salvage their relationship with their customers. 

Most businesses have started incorporating Low Code platforms and are pretty satisfied with the results received. With this agile solution, firms have been able to support their existing IT teams, while in turn empowering employees, as this solution does not require fancy levels of coding in order to create intricate programs or applications within a short time frame.

Even though the low-code platform has had a growing fan base in the recent years, the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic has amplified the requirement of this platform. 

Low Code and Lockdown: Handling the Crisis

1. Speed: 
The best thing about low code development is that it has the potential to speed up the completion of new applications and software. And with the current situation, it is vital for a business to make changes as soon as possible and shorten time to market, to avoid dissociating with the customers. 

Low-code can help you to develop software almost ten times faster than the traditional methods. This is because it offers drag-and-drop functionality along with pre-built interfaces. It consists of easy to execute APIs, which means there is no time lost in learning and applying. 

2. Agility: 
The market has changed rapidly due to COVID-19. So, a business must move quickly to adapt to these changes. Low-code development assists the organizations in focusing on new digital ventures that are developed from sudden market changes. It will also help in adapting to modifications provoked by new customers based on their requirements. 

And if you ask, how is that possible? Then the answer lies in the speed of development. With low-code, you can offer modern cloud applications as these applications unite with the legacy system. This means that it is possible to meet your customer's changing needs instantly. 

3. Multi experience made easy:
Low-code offers your customers with omnipresent experiences, without spending the big bucks on fancy development teams. 
Multi-experience deals with the users and not the channels. You must provide a smooth experience to your customers on various touch points. And with low-code, it is totally possible. It has automated refactoring, AI integration along with pre-build chatbots and templates. These functions can be used to keep your customers attached to your business as it reduces the complexity levels and provide an optimal experience for your customers. 

4. Automated governance:
Low-code also has built-in automated governance. Now the IT team of your organization can monitor and control the project by only using the central console. The central console is also able to offer the team with visibility on the environment, infrastructure, application, and security, etc. 

You can even bring the shadow IT into light through the governance feature. This way, your organization, and the employees will follow best practices and avoid any pitfalls that can occur while developing applications.

5. Ease of developing:
With low-code, you can include your entire team to provide your business with the best solutions. This can help unleash many creative minds within your staff as well as IT users. 

The employees without a technical background can use the visual development offered by low-code to build an application without writing even a single set of code, whereas, the employees with a technical background can benefit by using the pre-build code modules and templates when they are short on time or do not want to opt for traditional hand-coding. 

Avail of a strategic business advantage with CIGNEX Datamatics

Low code development is fast emerging as a preferred way to develop complex web applications, without the need for extensive coding knowledge. The on-going pandemic and its associated strain on business relationships have further propelled the use of this interesting solution. The solution ensures that business owners can overcome economic and business constraints and maintain their competitive edge. 

If you are yet to incorporate the low-code automation platform, then let CIGNEX Datamatics be of help.  CIGNEX Datamatics is a certified Appian Business Partner and has the capability to provide strategic consulting, delivery & implementation services as well as enterprise-grade solutions to enterprises across verticals.

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