Amalgamation of Big Data and IoT – Our Experience

The tremendous impact of IoT is seen as the next big technology revolution. This radical technology will help humans and machines interact with each other, without the need for a computer interface. Think of a situation where you are commuting home from work, and tell the A/C at home to cool the room before you arrive Or imagine the refrigerator examining the contents within it and alerting you when the butter is finished and needs to be restocked. That’s the power of IoT for you. Our...

Yash Badiani, May 05, 2015 | Posted in Big Data Analytics

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Developing MongoDB-based archival solutions for your long-term storage strategy

Record keeping and document archiving are such common practices within enterprises that their importance often goes unrecognized. An efficient archivist was the person who preserved records with such a systematic finesse and structured pattern that archives filed decades ago could be retrieved in matter of minutes. But when enterprise transactions took an innovative leap through computers playing an important role in operations, the volume of data to be managed by an archivist went beyond their...

Yash Badiani, August 06, 2014 | Posted in Big Data Analytics

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Building Big Data Portal through Liferay and MongoDB integration

The CIGNEX Datamatics Big Data Portal is a web based solution which combines the powerful presentation capabilities of a portal such as rich user interfaces, collaboration, and secures access, with centralized & massively scalable data storage as the back end, consisting of a variety of content (Audio, Video, Images, Documents, Metadata) in large volume. We have been providing content management and portal solutions for the past 12 years.  While serving our customers we have observed...

Madhuram Yadav, January 03, 2014 | Posted in Big Data Analytics

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