OpenAM Integration with Liferay Portal & Alfresco ECM using J2EE Agent

Digital World – The Current Scenario In the Digital connected world where data accessibility ease has enabled greater flexibility & efficiency; its privacy and security are the rising concerns. As IT systems proliferate to support business processes, users and system administrators are facing an increasingly complicated interface to accomplish their job functions. Users typically have to sign-on to multiple systems, necessitating an equivalent number of sign-on dialogues, each of which may...

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Hybrid Enterprise Content Management Systems – A New World Order is Emerging. Are You In?

Content has come to be widely acknowledged as the lifeblood that propels modern day businesses and gives it a competitive edge. Any type of information or data – as trivial as employee reports to something as substantial as financial projections and organizational roadmaps, all come under the purview of content. The way this information is stored, accessed, disseminated, shared, and saved, together constitute Enterprise Content Management (ECM). A key advantage offered by a good ECM solution...

Sanket Mehta, June 19, 2015 | Posted in Enterprise Content Management

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Simplifying E-commerce Content Management & Publishing with Content Commerce Platform

Content all around us continues to see massive exponential growth. If AOL and Nielsen say that 27 million pieces of content are created/curated every single day, then it’s time for content managers to take serious cognizance of the immense influx of content. Some other trends worth noting are the increased use of analytics, exponential growth of e-commerce, growth of mobile, and need for unified content marketing experience. With such a gigantic volume of content comes its own set of...

Omprakash Mishra, May 25, 2015 | Posted in Enterprise Content Management

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Power your ECM Integration Initiatives with Alfresco Web Scripts

Alfresco uses RESTful web services, bound to specific Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) and it facilitates response to HTML methods. These web services are easy to develop, debug, maintain and deploy, and provide secure access to the Alfresco repository through external applications. The use of web scripts help in connecting a particular set of business requirements to apt technical implementation. It also forms the basis of robust ECM integration. The web scripts allow generic...

Priyankap Sharma, May 25, 2015 | Posted in Enterprise Content Management

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Digital Employee Engagement Platforms for Businesses

The key to success in business is to have a connected, integrated and involved employee base. All over the world, enterprise-grade intranet portals are currently used in the digital workplace to improve synchronization, store corporate documents, policies and executive directives, and thus, bolster productivity. The right intranet portal can work wonders for your company, delivering tangible results and putting you in a firm position in this day and age of the digital workplace. Having an...

Sanket Patel, March 17, 2015 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration, Enterprise Content Management

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Managing Corporate Information Assets with Efficient Enterprise Search & Retrieval

As a practice, Enterprise Search & Retrieval (ESR) has been around in a rudimentary form ever since computers and IT were employed for enterprise needs. However, with the massive explosion of data produced, shared and consumed, ESR has become all-pervasive for small businesses as well as large business houses. Typically, ESR coverage spans organization-wide internal or private search systems rather than using the Internet. So, what is ESR actually? ESR can be defined as the use of...

Sanket Patel, February 24, 2015 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration, Enterprise Content Management

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An Interview with Ramesh Chauhan, Author of ‘Learning Alfresco Web scripts’

Ramesh Chauhan, Lead Consultant with CIGNEX Datamatics, recently wrote a book on Alfresco titled “Learning Alfresco Web Scripts”, a comprehensive guide to understanding Alfresco web script development and frameworks. Web Scripts is a powerful feature of Alfresco for building integration solutions on top of the Alfresco repository and is a subject of interest to the Alfresco community. To know more about the book, download your free sample chapter here Ramesh Chauhan has core IT experience of...

Sanket Patel, December 30, 2014 | Posted in Enterprise Content Management

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Building Digital Marketing Platform using Drupal

Marketing has evolved over the years with the changing preferences of target audience. As the target audience is shifting online, marketers are leveraging the digital channels to communicate with them accordingly. The primary role of marketing is demand creation, in order to attract the target audience & address their needs & requirements. Marketing owns one of the powerful channels which is the website - the face of the company. The website is not limited to devices or boundaries...

Priyankap Sharma, September 05, 2014 | Posted in Enterprise Content Management

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Top 10 Reasons Why Enterprise Should Adopt Open Source

Today, Open Source solutions (OSS) have become a transformational IT trend: enterprise increasingly sees them as more flexible, less expensive, and easier to manage than alternatives offered by proprietary application vendors. “Open Source”,  the term itself, was coined in the mid 90’s but almost a decade passed before CIOs would sit up and take notice of the effortlessness with which Open Source will have managed to emerge as a disruptive technology. According to analysts, OSS products...

Sayak Boral, August 27, 2014 | Posted in Enterprise Content Management

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New Approach towards Content Management for the Innovative Enterprise

  It is a complex world out there where employees need to collaborate beyond the enterprise to get work done – with consultants, partners, contractors, prospects, customers, or agencies. Moreover, with advanced technology, new tablet, mobile devices and apps need to find ways to get their content on their devices to be productive. Traditional ECM solutions have never easily supported these extended collaboration needs and some internal systems (like, say, Microsoft SharePoint) have been...

Madhuram Yadav, August 06, 2014 | Posted in Enterprise Content Management

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