Building Integrated Enterprise Portal and WCM using Liferay and Adobe CQ

Customer engagement is the key challenge for any organization as the digital world continues to evolve. People are using their mobile devices to interact with businesses wherever and whenever they want, whether to shop, open a bank account, or renew a subscription. Enterprises have to create a compelling presence and engage customers with relevant personalized content at key moments. For ease of use, organizations of medium or enterprise class require a product strong enough to withstand...

Madhuram Yadav, December 31, 2013 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Liferay Magento Integration to Deliver the Best of Portal & e-Commerce

For the enterprise, building online business presence with web 2.0 portal ecosystem, combination of collaboration and e-commerce features are definite requisite. Quick rollout of such ecosystem is possible through an integration of Liferay portal, which encompasses internal and external portlets (CRM, ERP, HR, Learning Management and more) and enterprise collaboration (content management, business process management, e-mail) with Magento e-Commerce platform for B2B and B2C online sales....

Nupur Patel, November 14, 2013 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration, e-Commerce

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Face-to-face with Sandeep Nair, Author of ‘Liferay Portal 6 Starter (Instant)’

Sandeep is the author of recently published Liferay Portal 6 Starter (Instant) which gives quick insights of Liferay and its features giving the readers a comprehensive understanding of Liferay as a portal platform. This is the second book after co-authoring Liferay Beginner’s Guide in 2012 As an engineering Graduate, Sandeep began his career in 2006 as a Java developer. He started exploring Liferay from 2008. A certified SCJP developer, Sandeep is proficient with Liferay development,...

Angana Chatterjee, October 23, 2013 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Just-In-Time Processing with Knowledge Management Portal Solution

Alfresco Integrated Solution Knowledge is been identified as a key organizational resource for generating competitive advantage over other firms. Knowledge of the enterprise is unique, valuable, difficult to imitate and the result of a firm's history, structure and culture over time. There are many information technologies that enterprises may choose in order to effectively manage the valuable resource. All the technologies can be organized in form of knowledge management system which...

Madhuram Yadav, October 07, 2013 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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First ever book on Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices

Performance is the most important criteria to deliver user experience of any websites or portal.  Users never like a portal with poor response time even though loaded with tons of rich features. It is also important to ensure portal is always accessible to ensure user experience. Liferay is one of the high performing and highly scalable portal platform but one needs to adhere to performance specific best practices to implement high performing Liferay portal based solutions. We at CIGNEX...

Samir Bhatt, September 23, 2013 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Face-to-face with Samir Bhatt, Author of ‘Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices

Samir Bhatt is the author of recently published Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices which provides guidance on how to build and define architecture of high performing Liferay based portal solutions. This is the second book after co-authoring Liferay Beginner’s Guide in 2012. Samir BhattSamir Bhatt has over 12 years of IT including 4 years of Liferay Portal experience. In addition to authoring this book, Samir has also co-authored Liferay Beginner’s Guide. Samir is a Liferay certified...

Angana Chatterjee, August 05, 2013 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Install Varnish, APC and Memcache with Drupal and Pressflow 7

[html format="ckeditor" different_values="0"]In this tutorial I have used Centos 5.4 , Apache, PHP 5.3 and Mysql 5.5 DB Server. This Installation will work as shown in the following diagram.  Install Plain Centos/RHEL on a Server. We need additional Repositories to install required packages and its dependencies.First I will install EPEL and remi repo. These Repo will be used to install PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.5.rpm -Uvh

Shahid Raza, January 08, 2013 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Sonar with Jmeter Plugin

  Introduction:  Sonar is an opensource quality management platform, dedicated to continuously analyze and measure technical quality, from project portfolio to method. It comes with various plugin. Here I am going to show how you can use Sonar Jmeter plugin, to get Jmeter report on Sonar Dashboard. Once you are done with Sonar-Jmeter plugin configuration, you will be able to see Performance Result as shown below figure on Sonar Dashboard. Before we start Sonar-Jmeter...

Alpesh Bhavsar, January 08, 2013 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Integrating your SAP ecosystem with Liferay Portal

Organizations across industry verticals use various modules of SAP ecosystem (R/3) for their business operations and customer relationship. While the functional coherence of SAP provides tremendous benefits to automate their transactional and forecasting needs, often certain deployments remain unused from internal and external stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors etc.) due to the lack of features the solution has to offer from user interface perspective. Opening the Portal Liferay...

Rahul Nair, January 01, 2013 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Ideation Architecture using Salesforce and Liferay Integration

Customer Driven Innovation using Liferay and SFDC (CRM) What is Ideation Architecture? Engaging with customers online has been one of the most effective practices followed by organizations in the last few years. These interactive communications with customers, while being highly reliable, provide a huge opportunity for an organization to promote their strongholds. By identifying the right social channels, organizations can promote their technical knowhow and educate customers about their...

Jignesh Thakkar, September 04, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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