NTLMv2 Single Sign On configuration with Liferay Portal

 NTLMv2 Single Sign On configuration with Liferay Portal Introduction The purpose of this document is to explain how to integrate NTLM Single Sign-On (SSO) into the Liferay Portal that works for NTLMv1 and NTLMv2. Lets first understand what is NTLMv1 and NTLMv2. In very simple words NTLMv1 is supported by Windows XP / Windows 2003 and older version of windows. NTLMv2 is supported by Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 2008 and higher version for improved security. Liferay Portal...

Mitesh Panchal, September 04, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Applying advanced workflow to custom assets in Liferay 6

Liferay has enhanced the workflow and content approval process significantly in it's recent 6.0 release.  Liferay now supports two workflow engines - Kaleo and jBPM.  Content Managers can flexible manage the content creation and approval processes. This article is about extending Liferay Portal workflow to custom assets. By Default, a workflow definition can be applied on six out-of-box assets like Blogs Entry, Comments ,Web Content , Document Library Document,...

Sagar Vyas, September 04, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Liferay PDF Viewer Portlet using ICEFaces & ICEPdf frameworks

We at CIGNEX developed online PDF Viewer Portlet using ICEFaces and ICEPdf frameworks. It is based on ICEPDF reference implementation.  This PDF Viewer portlet provides following features. It is integrated with liferay's document library. So if we add this portlet on any community/organization page. It allows us to browse pdf documents available in document library. It allows us to Zoom in & out pdf pages. We can also rotate the pages if we want. It also...

Samir Bhatt, September 03, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Having multiple user interface options with a single theme in Liferay

We at CIGNEX developed a theme in Liferay Portal which could be used by many communities with different look and feel.   Which means you develop theme only once and use as different themes in various liferay portal sites. We achieved this functionality by using a theme and by overriding the existing theme look and feel with the theme admin portlet.  What is the benefit ? No need to spend time and money creating different themes with code...

Jignesh Vachhani, September 03, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Liferay as a Platform – Integrated Business Ecosystem

The global business landscape is witnessing a massive change as market is driven by speed of response, system performance, real-time and contextual information measured through quantifiable goals. This imposes a huge challenge on organizations that are running on disparate systems, with different levels of integration, multiple databases and mix of centralized and distributed data. Hence, enterprise wide planning plays a crucial role in order to align individual, departmental and corporate...

Rahul Nair, September 03, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Building Liferay Service using Maven SDK

Now a days, Maven becoming more popular tool in the category of project building tools. If you have ever worked with enterprise projects using maven you already know how important a local maven repository and proxy is. And we also know that we often require usage of Liferay Service Builder in our day to day Portal development activities. So by referring this post you can get better idea about how to use Liferay Service Builder with Maven SDK. Here, I assume that you are already aware about...

Pinkesh Gandhi, August 23, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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CIGNEX Elevates To New Heights Yet Again! Becomes The First And Only Platinum Liferay Partner!!!

While this is more of an announcement than a blog topic, I wanted to share with you all the news. CIGNEX has just been named the one and only Platinum Level Liferay Partner in the WORLD! Our commitment to the technology, our client successes, our strength in delivery and unmatched depth of capability all come together to set us apart from the rest of the world and our so called competitors.  

Jeff Rishi, August 23, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Liferay Beginner's Guide - A Liferay handbook for the Starters

Often when people move towards any open source solution, set against the "traditional" Proprietary solution , people are bogged down by into a territory of unknown. Question's such as "What is this?", "Where should I start?", "Why is it so complex", "Where is the documentation", "What's the typical scenario when I would use this" often haunts them. And these doubts, frustration, questions escalate when you are using an open source technology!!! Liferay is world's leading open source platform...

Sandeep Nair, August 17, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Google Chartlet - Portlet showing integration of Google Charts with Liferay

I am very glad to announce that I have created a portlet to display Google Charts. I have named it as Google Chartlet and it is available as a community plugin to download. This portlet demonstrates how to use Google charts to generate reports in Liferay. This portlet is made using charts4j. What it has right now? User Charts - Shows total users, organizations and communities in the system (2D and 3D pie charts) Asset Chart - Shows distribution of assets in system(2D and 3D...

Sandeep Nair, August 08, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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Low Cost Social Collaboration Solution for the Enterprise - What and How

Liferay Social Office is a social collaboration solution for the enterprise. From the start, the goal of Social Office was to allow people to collaborate effectively and efficiently. Beginning with the installation, and continuing on into the product itself, Social Office is very user friendly.  Current version is 1.5b. The version 2.0 will be ready at the end of Q4, 2009. What are new features on Social Office 1.5b? Contacts: Contacts help users keep track of people both inside...

Jonas , August 07, 2012 | Posted in Portals, Content & Collaboration

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