A Complete Guide to Drupal 8 Migratio

A Complete Guide to Drupal 8 Migration With over one million users worldwide, Drupal is today, significantly one of the top website solutions due to its robust and flexible infrastructure, innovative design, and open-source modules. Providing manifold organizations access to countless free tools and information to help them get the right features, functionality, and design, is the reason why Drupal is scaling tremendously. Why Migrate to Drupal 8? Let’s focus on the top three reasons why you...

Manoj Sharma, June 30, 2020 | Posted in Web Content Management

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Understanding the Future of Alfresco from Alfresco 6.0 Product Roadmap

The Alfresco 5 release already tells us that it recognises the challenge the Goliath ECM faces from the fast sprouting David(s) (read services based applications). The good news is that Alfresco seems to be on the right track on tuning its architecture though it’s still a bit behind the curve. Let’s explore some excerpts from its release notes and roadmap blogs to see where Alfresco is heading: 1. Integration – Ease of integration seems to be at the top of the agenda for Alfresco.  .The...

Shivani Singh, April 03, 2018 | Posted in Web Content Management, Enterprise Content Management

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Importance of APIs in Creating Powerful and Successful Digital Product

While APIs have been in existence for a long period, however, the way technology has evolved in the last few years, their role has completely changed. From serving as an interface to enable cross-application communication in the past, to becoming a one-stop solution driving multiple business advantages, APIs have come a long way. Some of the key USPs of APIs include – 1 – Assist businesses in monetizing their digital assets, 2 – Enhance the company’s value proposition with incredible tech...

PowerCignexUser , March 07, 2017 | Posted in Web Content Management

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Drupal – Why Should it be Your First Choice of CMS?

Selecting a Content Management System (CMS) for your business is crucial to your brand’s fortunes on the digital ecosystem. Your final choice depends on a lot of factors like ease of configuration, whether it’s scalable as per your business aspirations, and whether it helps to accelerate your organization’s content marketing program. And many developers and marketing managers find that Drupal ticks these boxes nicely. Drupal has emerged as a strong contender as the most preferred CMS around...

Priyankap Sharma, October 14, 2016 | Posted in Web Content Management

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Drupal 8

If complex and robust CMS is what a business requires, it need not look beyond Drupal as the technology of choice. The CMS has long been the preferred option for many complex or advanced sites and hence has remain unrivalled for long. Let’s look at some ways in which Drupal adds immense value proposition to your CMS and digital business. Why Drupal is Beneficial? It is an Open Source software comprising large number of free modules, core software and themes that could be used for...

Priyankap Sharma, February 17, 2016 | Posted in Web Content Management

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OpenAM Integration with Liferay Portal & Alfresco ECM using J2EE Agent

Digital World – The Current Scenario In the Digital connected world where data accessibility ease has enabled greater flexibility & efficiency; its privacy and security are the rising concerns. As IT systems proliferate to support business processes, users and system administrators are facing an increasingly complicated interface to accomplish their job functions. Users typically have to sign-on to multiple systems, necessitating an equivalent number of sign-on dialogues, each of which may...

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