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Liferay has rolled out a range of technology solutions that add immense value to businesses across multiple industry verticals. One such solution is Liferay Commerce. This solution has been specifically designed for those carrying out online retail business. Integrating this solution unlocks many advantages for an eCommerce business.

What is Liferay Commerce?

Liferay Commerce is designed to elevate customer experiences with the help of technology. It can serve amazing value to both, B2C and B2B businesses with its innovative content management system.

Traditional eCommerce sites may not have the avenue available to capture data from different structured and unstructured sources, and utilize the insights to elevate the level of the customer experience offered by the store.

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By PowerCignexUser
| 16 Dec 2020

Enterprise customers require a lesser focus on IT operations so that they can free up time to do what they do best – scale up their organizations. Moving to the cloud with a secure platform is one such initiative that can help them accomplish this objective. Here’s where Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform comes into the picture.

This solution provides stellar outcomes for companies undergoing digital transformation and for delivering better customer experiences as is the go-to platform for offering connected customer experiences and collecting actionable insights for manifold organizations. Today, companies are increasingly adopting DXP to nurture leads, onboard them, and drive engagement as well as conversions.

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By PowerCignexUser
| 11 Dec 2020

Today, digital innovations are taking place rapidly. Companies, be it small or big, are using data and analytics way differently than a few years ago. One of the biggest drivers of rapid tech evolution is cloud computing. Cloud allows for quick configuration of IT setup without having to procure it in-house. This allows companies to respond faster to customer demands and changes in market conditions. 

Out of the different public cloud services, the maximum velocity of growth is from SaaS or Cloud Management Services. When shifting to the cloud, companies would explore which SaaS product would be apt for them. They would prefer to go with a SaaS platform that will manage applications, data, middleware, storage, servers, and networking.

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By PowerCignexUser
| 07 Aug 2020

Released on 10 June 2014, a Docker is a container management tool used in DevOps to manage software parts as isolated, self-sufficient containers which can be deployed in continuous integration and continuous delivery.


Docker containers are unable to operate by themselves, they are rather dependable on a DevOps professional to build, run, and assign them. DevOps professionals are additionally needed to automate processes and technologies so that the software is able to deploy to the Docker containers in a continuous flow.

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By Chirag Suthar
| 08 Nov 2019

Quality delivery is of prime importance in the Agile world. Even though there are processes, it’s difficult to achieve speed and quality at the same time without automation. Automation is not just QA Automation, but we need combination of QA with deployment activities automation model for high scale delivery which introduces concept of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI- CD) pipeline. Here, Deployment pipeline consumes integration pipe.

The next sections describe the detailed explanation of the importance, benefits, environmental requirements and best practices of CI-CD.

Importance of Automation in CI- CD:

Automated tests are the most important part of CI/CD pipeline. It must have good test coverage (at least 90%) for successful CI/CD pipeline.

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By ananta dave
| 17 Sep 2018

The recent innovations and technologies are undoubtedly transforming the traditional ways of data management and customer record-keeping. However, it is imperative to discover smarter ways of efficient resource allocation for ensuring a higher business growth. Since we are a part of industry, where change is constant, sometimes, it becomes hard to manage certain factors that can impact sales and demand directly.

In this article, you’ll read about how the changing trends are impacting manufacturing and hi-tech industries and what could be the possible solutions to deal with such advancements:

How Cloud-Based CRMs are Impacting High-Tech Manufacturing?

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By priyankap sharma
| 01 Feb 2017

It is highly imperative for corporates to move from outdated development tools to newer ones for enhancing their productivity and capabilities. The new Salesforce Lightning experience is worth giving a try because of its incredible performance, blazing flash speed, faster development time, and vital components, which makes it one of the preferred choices of worldwide developers. If your development team is still using Salesforce Classic to complete your business projects, then this amazingly new platform can assist you to take your business to new heights by simply transitioning to this new age CRM tool.

Prime Reasons to Migrate Your CRM to Salesforce Lightning

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By priyankap sharma
| 27 Jan 2017

Client Overview:

UK-based global provider of risk management, insurance, reinsurance brokerage, human resource solutions and outsourcing services

Business Need:

To migrate over 400 clients from Legacy CRM platform (Siebel, TBA workflow, CS Pro, TeamSite, Oracle RightNow Chat) to Salesforce Service Cloud to

Digitization has transformed the business landscape to a great extent. It’s a consumer-centric world, and customers have the last word. Optimum resource utilization and workload automation have become crucial necessities for every enterprise today. With the rapid growth of integrated business technologies, entrepreneurs are finding it easy matching up to ever-changing consumer preferences.

From their account details to information on flight schedules, consumers are increasingly relying on automated technologies. Quite naturally, businesses are embracing Cloud Automation solutions thus aligning business processes with consumer expectations.

It’s here that we come across a crucial question. What is it that makes cloud automation so indispensable for enterprises? Let’s begin by discussing the challenges.

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By chandni bhagchandani
| 27 Dec 2016

While working in a fast paced world, it becomes essential to cope up with the existing and upcoming challenges that come one’s way. Big enterprises when dealing with data services need a well-optimized service provider that takes care of all their needs in IT, HR, marketing, project management, field service, finance, and leadership. These fields of services need a sound platform for proper execution and that is where service management software providers like ServiceNow come into the picture.

What is Service Now?

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By priyankap sharma
| 28 Sep 2016
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