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Quality delivery is of prime importance in the Agile world. Even though there are processes, it’s difficult to achieve speed and quality at the same time without automation. Automation is not just QA Automation, but we need combination of QA with deployment activities automation model for high scale delivery which introduces concept of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI- CD) pipeline. Here, Deployment pipeline consumes integration pipe.

The next sections describe the detailed explanation of the importance, benefits, environmental requirements and best practices of CI-CD.

Importance of Automation in CI- CD:

Automated tests are the most important part of CI/CD pipeline. It must have good test coverage (at least 90%) for successful CI/CD pipeline.

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By ananta dave
| 17 Sep 2018

At CIGNEX, in one of the projects, the requirement was to automate CMS application test scenarios. The client application was previously built on CodeIgnitor framework and the need was to migrate it on Drupal 8 framework of PHP where AngularJS was used extensively at the front-end. The need of the hour was to implement the tool which was lightweight as well as very AngularJS-friendly. Considering the short timespan, the quick test execution was very much required. The end-users were from Finance and Insurance domain where the tools also required to be compatible with Behaviour Driven Frameworks.

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By nirmal desai
| 26 Mar 2018
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