We have been delivering Open Source solutions since 2000 and what we are seeing in the last few years is wider adoption by large corporate enterprises for reasons beyond cost - quality, security, interoperability, reliability and speed. With client-focused approach CIGNEX Datamatics has delivered over 500+ Open Source enterprise solutions that help clients address business goals, increase business velocity, lower the cost of doing business, reduce TCO and gain competitive advantage. Our clients include 50 of Fortune 1000 and 100+ companies with over billion dollar in revenues.

IT - A Strategic Advisor and Enabler for Business

Business do come up with their requirements and it is IT who needs to understand, evaluate and make a decision about the technology to see how it fits into overall plans from the short and long term perspective and pick a technology which offers longer term advantage without losing a sight on business objectives.

Here are few case studies of how Open Source software based solutions delivered technology advantage to customers worldwide and read more about it in Success Stories



Excel-like functionality in a customized product release management portal for a high-tech networking company, to track product releases in real time for various customers, dashboard, product views, support 250,000 total users and 400 concurrent users, LDAP secured role-based access, web accessibility and integration with in-house and back-end applications.

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US-based event and marketing services company managing 100+ event and publication sites, replaced legacy content publishing platform with an integrated Open Source based Drupal WCM and Alfresco ECM to have finer and granular security control (including meta-data level), publishing control in the hands of business users based on the role and profile and a standardized single platform with a centralized repository.

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Integration Flexibility

An Open Source portal technology based Digital Marketing Platform enabled digital marketing agency to create a SaaS platform which integrated various other Open Source and proprietary technologies and as a RESULT a single, scalable and self-service platform for end-clients to manage digital marketing activities


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Ease of Support

Migration to an Open Source based portal enabled leading hotel group not only with ease of support and features enhancement but modernizing employee engagement when they replaced Plumtree based portal which was heavily under-performing due to lack of adequate support as well as numerous bottlenecks in scaling the solution for various web2.0 features.

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