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Livonia, USA, Ahmedabad, India: CIGNEX, a Silicon Valley based, global, pure-play, Open Source Consulting Company, announced the launch of the book ‘Alfresco for Administrators’– its 7th official book on Alfresco - a modern Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software.

This book authored by Vandana Pal, an employee at CIGNEX, provides high-level understanding on administration part of Alfresco and its capabilities from design perspective.  The book will also focus on security aspects of Alfresco such as authentication, troubleshooting, managing permissions, and will give in-depth insight into configuration, clustering, backup recovery, and maintenance.

Harish Ramachandran, Founder & CEO, CIGNEX said, “This book is the perfect opportunity to enable people to participate in the Open Source community. With the release of 7th book, we have tried to give a thorough understanding of Alfresco’s architecture and knowledge on administration of its repository structure along with the ways it can be configured to suit your business needs.”

“With 100+ content consultants, CIGNEX has developed its own Open Source ECM Frameworks such as OCM (Contract Management) and RAPIDO (Content Management and Publishing) enabling enterprises to digitize and automate business processes”, added Harish.

So far, we have authored 16 books on Open Source technologies that include seven books on Liferay, seven books on Alfresco, one book each on Plone and JavaScript.

This book is out now and available from Packt Publishers. Download your copy of Free Sample Chapter. For further information on the book and to purchase it, please visit -

About the Author:  This book is authored by Vandana Pal, Senior Consultant, CIGNEX. She has more than 7 years of experience in software engineering and has extensive experience working with Enterprise Digital Asset Management and Content Management Systems and has worked with various deployments of Alfresco in various domains, such as media, finance, and healthcare, for different organizations across the world.

About CIGNEX: CIGNEX, a subsidiary of Datamatics Global Services Ltd., is a Silicon Valley based, global, pure-play, Open Source consulting company offering enterprise-grade solutions, platforms, products and services for Systems of Engagement and Systems of Insight.

Since 2000, CIGNEX has been Making Open Source Work® using open standards platforms and tools that integrate with existing systems to achieve unparalleled results and leveraging its Adopt-Open-Elevate ™ execution framework to mitigate any risk. Find out more; please visit us on the web @

For more information, please contact:
Rahul Nair/Chandni Bhagchandani
CIGNEX, Inc. ;
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