September, 2016

At DSI, we believe in the ability to respond to the changing landscape. In the last 8 years, we have leveraged Liferay in our ecosystem to align our individual, departmental and corporate goals. In our assembly line, we had 36 Brand websites that catered to diverse audiences - patients, healthcare professionals, pharmacists and more. Our ability to respond to our competition is measured by how quickly we could roll these sites out. So we grouped the websites based on their nature, audience and application and utilized Liferay to create a framework with dynamic components that can be reused across these websites. Each site is differentiated based on their design and brand guidelines and features applicable for that portal. These sites were responsive on various devices. The approach of leveraging a “Lego block style” reusable module simplified what at the inception seemed like a daunting task. Our sites were up and running in no time. We have already gone LIVE with 16 websites this year and 4 other external facing sites. We also saved cost as we were able to cut-down on a few services with our agency.

Currently, we are building Single Page Applications (SPA) using Liferay and Angular JS. These websites are highly responsive with a mobile app like interface. Our roadmap also includes upgrading to Liferay DXP to leverage its new features. Join us for this 30 minute session, as we share our learnings and experience working on Liferay to create reusable frameworks that save time and cost.