We have been delivering Open Source solutions since 2000 and what we are seeing in the last few years is wider adoption by large corporate enterprises for reasons beyond cost - quality, security, interoperability, reliability and speed. With client-focused approach CIGNEX Datamatics has delivered over 500+ Open Source enterprise solutions that help clients address business goals, increase business velocity, lower the cost of doing business, reduce TCO and gain competitive advantage. Our clients include 50 of Fortune 1000 and 100+ companies with over billion dollar in revenues.

Cost is an Integral Part of Return on Investment

TCO provides a method to evaluate technology costs that are not reflected or apparent in upfront costs. A TCO analysis includes total cost of acquisition and operating costs. Here are few case studies of how Open Source technology based solutions helped our customers to reduce TCO and indirectly increase ROI. Read more about it in Success Stories


TCO from US $5 Million to US $50,000

A proprietary content management solution across 40+ micro sites in 7 languages, for various partners (marketing agencies & 12 affiliated game development studios) resulted in the development (and management) of numerous customized websites and by consolidating into a single CMS brought down TCO to US$50,000

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Over 70% Reduction in Costs

Research and Analytics division of a Japanese financial services provider migrated from an existing manual document management workflow to an automated and fully functional Open Source based ECM system which not only improved operational efficiency but reduced the total cost of ownership by over 70%

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Reduced Cost by US$ 1 Million

Epson Electronics America adopted Open Source based CMS to deliver latest, consistent and personalized information to their own internal teams, field sales team, and distributors. CMS with an integrated CRM included online product catalog, price sheets, product roadmaps, surveys and email campaigns.

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Saving of US$1.3 Million/3 Years

US-based manufacturing company not only improved their collaboration with 70+ suppliers but reduced TCO also, by developing Open Source Liferay portal based Supplier Network Collaboration portal instead of using SAP based SNC. This portal offered RIch UI, Reports, Dashboard, bulk upload and reduced cost per transaction

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