Across organizations, accounts teams spend exorbitant time in going through invoices, validating, printing and organizing them.

For example, at the end of every month, an accounts team in an IT services organization evaluates purchase orders, validates names on invoices, checks their timesheets and subsequent approvals and have to print and catalogue them in a single folder. The whole activity takes subsequent bandwidth of team members who have to spend extra hours to manually complete these activities.

Not Anymore.

We have developed an automated Invoice Printing Process that leverages UiPath to automate the entire workflow. On initiating the process, it will

  • Monitoring a dedicated folder where invoices, purchase orders, timesheets, rate cards and approvals are stored
  • Open purchase orders and extracting key information
  • Open Invoice and copy names of employees on whose name the invoice has been generated
  • The process will print the purchase order and invoice and move them into a centralized folder
  • Validating timesheets, rate cards and timesheet approvals of employees and printing them & moving them into a centralized folder

Watch the below demonstration to understand how the entire process works.

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