Blue Prism is an enterprise scale Robotic Process Automation platform that enables enterprises to automate various back office activities. Built on Microsoft .Net framework the platform seamlessly integrates with various ecosystems (mainframe, browser based, Citrix, ERPs, Web services etc.).

Why Blue Prism?

  • Easy to configure – Can be easily deployed to comprehend a certain process and automate it with increasing accuracy
  • Non Invasive – Doesn’t need hard integrations to disrupt your existing systems. The platform scrapes through the UI layer of applications to complete its tasks
  • Infrastructure and Security – Blue Prism is highly scalable with an architecture designed to support high availability and failover and disaster recovery. It ensures user access management and encryption of storage data to ensure security
  • Reporting and Analytics – Delivers inline process analytics and operational analytics that would help enterprises to identify and optimize performance of bots


Blue Prism Consulting

Our consultants help you in easier adoption of Robotic Process Automation. From identifying process selection ripe for automation to aligning Blue Prism within your enterprise, we consult and advise on what best suits to your business needs

Blue Prism Professional Services

Looking for a Blue Prism consultant to work on your project? Reach out to us and we can facilitate an expert from our broad RPA team that would seamlessly fit into your automation project.

Why CIGNEX Datamatics ?

  • 15+ RPA Consultants and in-house AI/ML practice for Intelligent Automation
  • Proven track record of delivering successful deployments across various stages of automation
  • Cross functional expertise with evolved Big Data Practice allowing us to serve high volume unstructured content
  • Deep understanding of Business Process SMEs