CIGNEX Datamatics’ Open Source expertise allows us to provide all levels of development services, from minor modifications of existing Open Source applications to completely new solutions. Our solutions may range from implementation of out of the box solutions to development of complex large open source based solutions depending on the technical and business needs of the clients.

We offer (or develop) integration adapters/connectors for connection into databases, communication middleware, packaged application modules, or other software environments to help our clients seamlessly integrate their existing IT ecosystem with Open Source environment and extend the life of the infrastructure in which they have invested. With ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), Web Service or RESTful Integration and frameworks like ZK, Vaadin, YUI & AlloyUI, we have successfully integrated Open Source technologies with various technologies from various domains.

Here are few examples of our solutions involving development, customization and integration

  • Consolidating 70+ web brands (from multiple website platforms - Webvision, Contribute, Miramedia, Emojo, ASP) to Liferay based platform
  • Proprietary Document scanning software (Imscan) to Alfresco ECM allowing 700+ workflows/day, support for 280+ types of documents, handling more than 2 million documents on about 1,00,000 folders
  • Collaboration portals based on Liferay technology and integrated with EMC Documentum and SAP providing profile based access to information
  • Various integrated portal and enterprise content management solutions involving Alfresco ECM integration with Liferay, Drupal, Moodle, or Flash through RESTful services.