Based in Mountain View, CA, with offices worldwide, EdCast is an award-winning Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Cloud integration platform, used globally by Fortune 500 companies and government organizations, to solve the discovery, curation and recommendation problems of content fragmentation across external, internal and tacit knowledge sources. It brings together internal learning content, expert insights and millions of external resources into an easy-to-use, personalized learning experience and knowledge platform.

CIGNEX Datamatics is a certified partner of EdCast and aims to deliver the best knowledge-sharing and learning solutions through a multi-channel approach to its customers across the globe. Currently used by visionary companies such as NASSCOM, GE, HPE, Dell, World Economic Forum, EMC, and Accenture, EdCast’s AI Knowledge Cloud integration enables all Office 365 users to gain one-click access to knowledge on-demand, and its solutions which are:

  • Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
  • SalesU sales enablement suite
  • GuideMe’s multi-language in-app content authoring tools

EdCast: A System of Intelligence

EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud is apt for your Employees, Customers as well as Partners and Developers as it is focuses on Discovering, Experiencing and Growth. It is powered by content pulled from many internal and external sources, and enhanced by collaborative knowledge sharing, hence rightly known as Learner centric and learner driven. EdCast focuses on making every Individual a Contributor to create a high performance Organization


EdCast aggregates all your learning content including from your LMS, intranet, external providers, your subject matter experts, and your team's preferred resources on the web


Our Machine Learning curation engine ensures that only the high quality, most relevant, and contextual content is presented to your team.


EdCast's AI based targeting engine learns about your team and makes continuous learning recommendations directly to where they are working - including Slack and Salesforce


Learn app usage and guide your users step by step (for web, mobile and desktop apps). Give click by click direction with voice and video. Understand app usage with analytics and drive adoption and ROI with push notification and in-app guides.


Drive employees productivity with Automator. Automate app workflows flawlessly with MyGuide automator. Reduce number of clicks from 8 to 1 and auto fill forms with data.
Each guide is automatically enabled for automation.

Why EdCast?

EdCast has a proven track record of building large-scale transformational technology, and is passionate about the global impact of mobile and online knowledge-sharing.

EdCast uses xAPI technology to collect data from the user's unique learning experiences. That data is then combined with other enterprise information to provide true business impact analytics and to provide a highly personalized learning experience.

EdCast’s Full stack Next-Gen Learning Suite

EdCast Benefits

Personalized Knowledge On-Demand

  • AI-driven curation from 1000’s of content sources against your taxonomy
  • The Operating System for Knowledge Economy & for Knowledge-based companies
  • Continuous learning

Outcome: Culture of curiosity & learning

Real-Time Performance Support

  • SME based Real-Time Performance Support through live-streams, AMAs, Pathways etc
  • Solving a problem
  • Task driven

Outcome: Productivity gains up to 20%

Upskill/ Re-Skill

  • For new roles/projects
  • Role based pathway & skill based pathway
  • Marketplace of course providers, assessments & credentials
  • Lower cost to organizations by shifting accountability to users with a wallet and marketplace model

Outcome: Skilled workforce to take on tomorrow’s business challenges

Why CIGNEX Datamatics?

  • Certified Partner of EdCast
  • Experienced AI & ML experts to ensure successful deployment and implementation
  • Capability to integrate with third party or internal systems