Organizations generate, store and manage vast amount of information. Processing this information will not give users competitive advantage to achieve their business goals. But accessing the relevant information at right time will surely do. Elasticsearch helps organizations with unified access to information.

Elasticsearch is one of the most popular Open Source enterprise search engine. It provides scalable & real time search with support of multitenancy.  For an enterprise application, or to power enterprise search system, Elasticsearch can become backbone for faster search and analytics. It is built on Apache Lucene and accessible through the JSON and Java API. This helps it to become developer friendly and schemaless search server.It can be hosted on Cloud or on Premise.

Elastic Stack

Distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine providing structured & unstructured search, sorting, suggestions, aggregations

The data visualization engine helps to discover insights through dashboard, individual visualizations, heat map

Logstash – Data collection, processing and enrichment pipeline that ingests data from sources
Beats - Platform to forward host-­based metrics and any data to Elasticsearch

A single extension for Security for Elastic Stack, Alerting and notifications for the Elastic Stack, Monitoring for the Elastic Stack ,Graph - Real-­time Graph Analytics to enable new use cases for the Elastic Stack

Elasticsearch product supported by Elastic engineers to manage and deploy a secure cluster on Amazon for Elasticsearch and Kibana

CIGNEX Datamatics Elasticsearch Offerings

As Elasticsearch Premium Reseller, CIGNEX Datamatics can help organizations to build powerful Enterprise Search Solutions for Portals, E-commerce, ECM, databases and other enterprise applications.

Elasticsearch Consulting

We provide consulting around architecture design, best practices, software & hardware requirements, scaling and performance tuning of Elasticsearch application.

Elasticsearch Development

Our Search experts can develop & customize functionalities of Elasticsearch application and can integrate it with enterprise application.

Migration to Elasticsearch

We migrate from FAST ESP and other commercial solutions to Open Source search –Elasticsearch. Our experts can create robust ETL solution around Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch Performance Improvement

Our experts can help to improve the relevance of Elasticsearch search results through code reviews and troubleshooting.

Elasticsearch Training

CIGNEX Datamatics has a team of trainers, experienced engineers in Elasticsearch products and will serve clients & prospects with comprehensive knowledge on Elasticsearch


An Elasticsearch Premium Reseller

CIGNEX Datamatics can provide services related to Elasticsearch implementation, configuration, customization, consulting, and managed services.


How Organizations use Elasticsearch?
  • Enterprise Search
  • Auto completion and Instant Search
  • Real-time Analysis
  • Crawling and Document Processing
  • Analytics Solution

Large Scale Data Processing and Data Analysis Platform

CIGNEX Datamatics has architected, implemented and delivered a very unique and innovative Big Data solution built on Elasticsearch & MongoDB for effective lead generation for data-driven sales, marketing and business development teams of Silicon Valley based startup.

The solution has ability to support diverse unstructured data sources and formats given the schema less architecture of the leading NoSQL repositories – MongoDB & Elasticsearch. They provide sub second retrieval time on filtering & search queries on 60+ Million processed records.

Leveraging Elasticsearch has improved operational efficiency for sales and marketing team by 5x.


Scaling Cost-Effectively
  • Scalable search with Elasticsearch’s robust sharding and advanced queries
  • 2-­3x less expensive, especially for use cases with high ingestion rates
Faster & Flexible Search
  • Flexible , easy to extend, and provides platform for building additional application
  • Reduce data indexing time
High availability
  • Elasticsearch clustering and indexing enables up to 100% uptime for solution
Enhanced User Experience
  • Elasticsearch powered analytics provide content which meets customer’s demands and enhances user experience