CIGNEX Datamatics helps clients migrate from propriety legacy, expensive, or inefficient systems to more efficient, powerful and cost effective Open Source based solutions. We also provide up-gradation and migration to latest stable releases of the Open Source products such as Liferay, Alfresco, Drupal, and Magento etc. Our migration capabilities include data migration carried out using automated migration toolkit. We understand how to thoroughly assess and document existing processes, dependencies, and problems when drafting migration plans. This capability greatly reduces the cost, time, effort and system down-time in undertaking the migration activity. Our post-migration services offer training and documentation for the new solution

Here are few examples of solutions involving migration

  • Intranet portal migration from dynamic .SHTL to Liferay :-  Developed "Migration Toolkit" which migrated the .SHTML files, linked webpages as web content in Liferay and migrated all the media files (images, documents, videos etc) to Document Library. The toolkit migrated approximately 65,000 pages to Liferay with over 99% accuracy
  • Migrating from Documentum Webpublisher to Alfresco ECM :- Involved 40GB data, profiles of 200 users, 80000+ pages of content for a semiconductor company's extranet
  •  Intranet portal migration from Adobe’s ColdFusion to Liferay Portal :- Involved 3000+ web pages, 2000+ documents & web contents and 100+ applications
  • eCommerce portal migration from Perl to Drupal WCM & Magento eCommerce - Delivered rich user experience with ease of navigation, strcutured information and higher performance

Here are additional examples of helping customers to migrate from various CMS/Portal technologies to Liferay Portal

  •     Plumtree to Liferay for a global company with 9 hotel brands based US and London
  •     Sun Websphere to Liferay for an insurance company based California
  •     Fatwire to Liferay for a gaming company
  •     Vignette to Liferay for a non-profit organization
  •     Microsoft Sharepoint to Liferay for a pharmaceutical company
  •     Webvision to Liferay for a media & publishing company's web brand
  •     Adobe Contribute (formerly known as Macromedia Contribute) to Liferay for a media & publishing company
  •     Wordpress to Liferay for a media & publishing company's conference website
  •     Affino Media Commerce Portal to Liferay for a media & publishing company
  •     ASP .NET to Liferay for a media & publishing company
  •     Static HTML to Liferay for a media & publishing company

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