Why MongoDB Solution Support?

Our support services are best deployed as an additional service with your MongoDB enterprise subscription. It offers customized SLA based support for your MongoDB integrated solutions, which includes 3rd party applications such as portal, ECM, WCM, e-Commerce, Big Data and more. Our MongoDB support staff can help your answer following questions:

  • Is my integrated solution protected from the vulnerabilities that may arise post-deployment?
  • Do I have a Open Source and MongoDB expert support staff available across time zones?
  • What value can the new release update add to my MongoDB integrated IT ecosystem?
Why CIGNEX Datamatics MongoDB Solution Support?

We are the Global/Ready Partner of MongoDB with 20+ consultants certified by MongoDB and have expertise & experience in supporting various MongoDB solutions for clients across verticals. Our Open Source Consultants integrate MongoDB with Liferay, Drupal, Alfresco & other Open Source/proprietary technologies and work towards providing support to manage your MongoDB integrated deployment without unwanted surprises.

We have established a helpdesk system that entails quick resolution of project/solution issues, ticket management, and issue resolution that runs in parallel without affecting the operations within the enterprise.

What are the Benefits to Client?

Read how leading service provider for location based services leveraged MongoDB Solution Support reducing up to 30% in their infrastructure investments.