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There are various factors driving e-Commerce growth (in both B2B & B2C) across the world. Technology advancements coupled with rapid increase in the number of smartphones, broadband connections, and innovative payment products are driving the growth in online shopping.

CIGNEX Datamatics’ offers e-Commerce Solutions for B2B & B2C.  CIGNEX Datamatics has delivered over 20 e-Commerce solutions using Magento and Drupal. A team of 50+ PHP consultants specialized in e-Commerce and content solutions have experience of developing simple to complex e-Commerce solutions and integrating with various Open Source and proprietary analytics tools for customers across various industries.


B2B e-Commerce Portal

For B2B, it is very important to have unified B2B Customer portal/site with e-Commerce, it should connect with customers and suppliers and makes it easy for internal users/business unit to manage the entire relationship lifecycle. There are three primary objectives which should be addressed by B2B e-Commerce solution

  1. Reduced Transaction Charges – lower cost of procurement, improved contract management
  2. Market Efficiencies – improved marketplace information, buyer and seller aggregation, match shortages and surpluses
  3. Supply Chain Benefits – increased visibility, collaboration
B2C e-Commerce Portal

Online shoppers today expect a seamless and simple process when they shop for products. They want a smooth user experience, one-click shopping and a host of other features such live chat, order tracking and notification, sale alerts etc.  Shoppers expect company to provide a highly relevant and seamless interaction on every touch point – regardless of which touch point – PC, smartphone, tablet, phoning a call center, social network, or walking into a store. B2C e-Commerce store should address following key objectives

  1. Experience and Reach - Features and functionalities allowing greater buying experience and ways to increase reach to potential customers
  2. Easy to set-up and manage
  3. Lower TCO – development and maintenance


  • Open Source - Open Standards eliminating technology vendor dependency
  • Rich user experience including Omni-channel
  • Integration flexibility - existing and 3rd party applications/plug-ins
  • Lower cost of doing business

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