To ensure that our customers achieve their business objectives with technology-enabled solutions, we offer Open Source solutions that can be customized, combined, or deployed right out of the box, and integrated with existing enterprise applications

CIGNEX Datamatics helps enterprise and public services agencies adopt solutions such as Portals, Content, Collaboration, Enterprise Content Management, e-Commerce, and Big Data Analytics solutions based on Open Source technologies and integrate within existing platforms. Our Open Source focus and depth of our expertise in Open Source methodologies enable us to rapidly and effectively deliver the most effective solutions available.

Why Open Source based Solutions?

Better, Economical Technology

Open Source software is available at low cost to any and all who want to deploy it, eliminating exorbitant proprietary licensing fees and reducing the cost of customization and maintenance. Because CIGNEX Datamatics solutions are based on Open Source software, our customers get solutions that are less expensive, more flexible, and easier to manage than alternatives offered by proprietary application vendors. The cost savings not only dramatically improve ROI, but also allow organizations to redirect IT investments to new business initiatives.

Proven Excellence

The CIGNEX Datamatics team has more than 1000 years of combined experience in enterprise business solutions consulting and systems development. We have designed and built highly scalable Open Source portals, content, ecommerce and big data analytics solutions for over number of business and government agencies. In 2013, 2012, 2011, Gartner recognized CIGNEX Datamatics as a Dedicated Open Source SI and as a "Sample Vendor". In April 2006, International Data Corporation (IDC) named CIGNEX Datamatics one of the top 10 integrators in the Open Source business solution space.

Higher Standards

CIGNEX Datamatics Open Source solutions mean freedom-multiple standards-based technology platforms to choose from, a host of support options, a collaborative development community, and no dependence on software versions or obsolescence schedules. We've been a driving force in helping to shape the Open Source community and technologies, to establish and maintain standards, and to ensure that our customers have access to the best possible solutions.

Control in the Customer's Hands

Unlike proprietary applications, CIGNEX Datamatics solutions give customers complete visibility into every application process. The transparency of Open Source makes customization and integration far less expensive and prevents vendor lock-in, allowing us to deliver what they want, how they want it.