For B2B, it is very important to have unified B2B Customer portal/site with e-Commerce. It should connect with customers and suppliers and makes it easy for internal users/business unit to manage the entire relationship lifecycle including onboarding and offboarding a customer or a supplier.

Three primary business benefits that should be achieved with B2B e-Commerce solution

  1. Reduced Transaction Charges – lower the cost of procurement, improved contract management
  2. Market Efficiencies – improved marketplace information, buyer and seller aggregation, match shortages and surpluses
  3. Supply Chain Benefits – increased visibility and collaboration


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B2B e-Commerce portal/site should offer Rich UI, Responsive, Collaborative, Flexible, and Scalable. The B2B e-Commerce portal/site should have following features and functionalities

  • Product Catalog
  • Order Management
    • Ease of ordering
    • Tracking
    • PoD
  • Search
  • Accounts Receivables/Payables
  • Reports/Dashboard
Internal Users
  • On/Off boarding
  • Ease of catalog management
  • Promotions & Rewards
  • Contracts & Procurement
  • Collaboration
  • Reports & Dashboard
  • Agreements
  • Inventory - SMI/VMI
  • Forecasts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Promotions
  • Shipments
    • ASNs, Tracking
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • EDI/Email/XML
  • Track activity to optimize website
  • Social Media analytics

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