Organizations across various industry verticals including Financial Services, Healthcare, Public Services, and Manufacturing etc. are struggling to tap unstructured data to their business advantage. The Data Warehousing applications in these organizations are still follow Conventional Data Management models tailored to manage structured data. 

CIGNEX Datamatics Data Integration follows a defined series of steps to manage data.

  • Capturing Data in numerous forms (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) from various sources: A standardized approach should be maintained across various tools including security, metadata and look and feel
  • Data Cleansing and Quality Management: Identifying and repairing inaccurate, incomplete and redundant data to maintain consistency on quality of the availability of the data. Includes Profiling, Parsing and Standardization, Generalized Cleansing, Matching, Monitoring and Enrichment.
  • Transformation of data depending on the use case: Based on the nature of the source of the data the extracted information is transformed regardless of the format, complexity or file size.


  • Pricing optimization
  • Sales and inventory forecasting
  • Customer churn prevention - 360 degree view of customer
  • Marketing campaign optimization
  • Many more
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First Mover Advantage with Innovative Service

Rapid build and release as ‘first to market’ of a subscription based social sentiment and trending analysis service with a 3 month window.

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  • Ease of use - Open Source and standards based architecture
  • Technological Flexibility - Easy to integrate or extend existing infrastructure
  • Licensing Freedom - free community version or enterprise version with support

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