CIGNEX Datamatics provides multiple presentation layers for customers to comprehend the aggregated information. The easy to use, simple web based interfaces are developed keeping business users in mind assisting them in decision making

CIGNEX Datamatics utilizes the aggregated and organized data stored in Data Warehouse  powered by Big Data solutions to present the end user with the below tools

  • Big Data Portal: Rich user experience for information delivery, where an end user can login using their access credentials to retrieve results, reports, and send questions to the team etc. within the integrated environment
  • Reporting: Allows creating interactive reports based on pre-defined variables, and scheduling capabilities. A single environment manages the creation, revision and distribution of reports across the enterprise. Reports are accessible via mobile devices
  • MS Office Integration: MS Office particularly Microsoft Excel plays an important part as a BI Client in many cases. Hence, it is necessary that the solution suite offers support for documents and presentations formats, formulas, pivot tables etc.
  • Mobile BI: Discussed in Reporting phase, the delivery of reports and dashboard content for portable devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) are crucial. Predominantly the solution is interactive allowing features such as tapping, swiping etc. that facilitates the end user to get the maximum out of the solution
  • Ad hoc query: A wizard or a set of tools that allows business users to access reports or search information without the dependency of the IT staff. These tools have a strong business engine allowing users to make the best out of the availability of the data sources
  • Dashboards: Intuitive interactive display of information that offers a detailed first level summary to the end users. The metrics often are key in performance measurement w.r.t. defined goals.


  • Big Data Portal
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Search
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  • Ease of use - Open Source and standards based architecture
  • Technological Flexibility - Easy to integrate or extend existing infrastructure
  • Licensing Freedom - free community version or enterprise version with support

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