We develop corporate intranets for clients to enhance employee productivity and collaboration

Intranets are a key entity for an organization not only for internal communications or a single window bulletin but also are the platform for conducting trainings, departmental communication, message boards for discussions and collaboration, internal tools for subscribing for seminars, expert lectures, booking meeting rooms, and new employee orientation.

Information sharing and engagement among employees is necessary within every organization. Intranets are the “go to” solution for enterprise information and content and are as important as any other mission critical deployment. CIGNEX Datamatics has comprehensive experience developing enterprise intranets that allow millions of employees across various countries to collaborate and have visibility to the organizational direction and goals.

Some key features of the intranet include:
  • Easy interface and navigation leading to higher number of visits
  • Integration with Content Management Solutions and other business unit specific content systems
  • Single Sign On authentication
  • Web 2.0 features – Wikis, forums, chat, team calendars, blogs, tagging etc.
  • Integrating with Social media platforms
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Analytics tool integration for tracking real time usage information
  • Secure attributes across the portal