Operational Intelligence Platforms are evolving at a tremendous pace. Let’s be clear. They are still no J.A.R.V.I.S from Iron Man – an automated personal assistant and operations officer who offers real time insights into Tony Stark’s incoherent demands. But over the last few years Operational Intelligence Platforms have offered tremendous insights for enterprises w.r.t. events, business transactions, health, security threats etc. to ensure a robust and smart workplace where managers have ample insights and options to make decisions.

At CIGNEX Datamatics we leverage –leading NoSQL & real time data processing technologies to develop operational intelligence platforms that would help them save costs, improve efficiency and create an environment where there is a transparency from the bottom to top.


Data Analysis for Decision Making

Enable telecoms in making better business decisions/ marketing promotion plans by extracting live call data records and processing those using HDFS and MapReduce (~10 TB maintained per cluster and ~500 GB processed per hour). The processed data is aggregated using infiniDB (multi-node cluster holding about 250 GB aggregated data) and delivered to end users using Flex based client.

This allowed client’s customer to make data driven business decisions

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Improve Workflows to Increase Operational Efficiency

Improving communication and coordination between key stakeholders at various locations to monitor and optimize time, costs, materials, staff and resources. Data collection of ~1.5 TB/day from 0.5-0.75 million devices. Real time analysis and reporting of resources - device monitoring, track progress & measure productivity. Also integrated the MongoDB based platform with machine control and site

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Key Features

Supply Chain Optimization

 In a usual manufacturing plant, over hundreds of various variables have to come together for proper production. Operational Intelligence allows companies to reduce pilferage in their supply chains by accurately estimating and organizing necessary components that allows them to factor maximum output.

Data Driven Marketing Intelligence

Enterprises can analyze various machine generated data including user tractions, customer behavior, website activity logs, and mobile application data to properly personalize and customize marketing campaigns that would add more value to their customers. A retailer can use data points like customer shopping habits, data collected through RFID or tags on products to offer refined choices to their shoppers.

Fraud Detection

In 2016, PWC’s Global Economic Survey estimated that one in every three companies in the world have been susceptible to economic crime. Having a bird’s eye view of business operations and processes would make it easier to identify and eliminate any security threats, attempts to take advantage of weakness in business process and deceive systems.

Key Benefit

Business Visibility and Insights

A holistic view into processes empowers business users and provides them with the right tools to take better decisions.

Proactive Monitoring & Notifications

Allows enterprises to monitor and allocate resources effectively. Enterprises with the ability to track field and transactional activities on the fly can reduce chances of system failure and can look for avenues for cost reduction


Integrating your Operational Intelligence platform with your enterprise business process management platforms would allow enterprise to automate certain tasks and activities. They could effectively optimize workforce in certain areas, reduce or eliminate useless processes and better fine tune their promotional campaigns

Service Reliability

Enterprises can make reliable and accurate commitments with their customers, vendors, stakeholders if they have better hold on their operational activities.

Ad-hoc Reporting

Executive team and managers can pull reports at any stage of the operational process to view the health, opportunities and other factors. Ad hoc reporting provides operational teams to work with more confidence and trust in their systems and processes.