A Portal provides an access point to information, products, conversations, processes, community and people. Enterprises use portals to develop enterprise scale solutions to offer their stakeholders with a secure unified access window to engage, access, communicate, and more.

At CIGNEX Datamatics, we work with leading Open Source Portals to help organizations achieve their goals. Over the years we have built over 350 Open Source Portal Solutions that have helped our customers solve problems, cut costs, achieve efficiency.

Key Features

Omnichannel Experience

You can deliver relevant content to your customers anytime, anywhere to improve customer experience and retention


Single Customer View

Single window to achieve all customer information and intelligence with respect to customer activity


Audience Targeting

Segment your target and personalize and contextualize services to add more value


Mobile Experience

Build your own applications for Android and iOS devices


Modularization and OSGi

Flexibility and high performance as infrastructure only leverages services that are actually necessary



Spotlight – Liferay DXP Features
  • Content Management
  • Enterprise Search (integration with Elasticsearch)
  • Alloy Editor
  • Advanced Forms
  • Application Display Templates
  • Single Page Application
  • Lexicon – Liferay’s Experience Language
  • Declarative Services
Digital Collaboration To Reduce Transaction Costs for Advanced Energy

A scalable supplier network collaboration portal that reduces cost per transactions and improves business velocity.

Key Features

  • Reports & Dashboard – Supplier, Buyer, LOA
  • On/off boarding, message boards, file transfer using EDI/XLS, alerts, auto email
  • Forecast and procure purchase order with seamless collaboration
  • Integrated service desk

The client was able to manage over 70 suppliers from a single location. They were able to reduce process time from seven to two days and had a TCO reduction of $1.5 million over 3 years.

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Why CIGNEX Datamatics?

  • Certified Platinum Partner of Liferay and Drupal Organization Member
  • Implemented over 350 enterprise scale Open Source Portals across all major industry verticals
  • 125+ experts in developing Open Source Portal Solutions
  • 35+ reusable components

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