Over the past decade there has been an increasing shift towards digital businesses and broader questions regarding the potential content platforms can offer in increasing the top and bottom line. As more users leverage digital platforms, user experience has become the critical priority. Regardless if the stakeholders are your employees or potential prospects for the service enterprises are looking to build solutions that connect businesses, people and processes together.

Sending the right signals – Digital Experience is the key

According to Gartner, digital revenues will double to 41% by 2019. This has resulted in a more digitally driven strategies and business models amongst enterprises. Under such situation, experience would become an anchor around which customer touch points, interactions and dialogue would thrive.

At CIGNEX Datamatics, we help enterprises build platforms that have experience at their center. Our solutions, deliver context and offer targeting options to our clients to target prospects and achieve their goals be it improving conversion rates, clicks/page or product purchases. We also help enterprises to integrate their platforms with other systems within the enterprise ecosystem to ensure a seamless flow of information and transparency across the value chain.

Smarter Content Management systems to address the modern consumption needs

Almost all enterprises create multiple forms of content on a daily basis. The definition of content has moved beyond text based information and intends to create a real time communication between business and consumers.

With over a decade of experience building enterprise content management and web content management solutions, we have seen the space evolve towards smarter systems and practices. Our pursuit is towards providing the most accurate information within the huge data deluge, and offering simplicity to create, review and publish content within a complex business environment with multiple stakeholders.

The path towards Digital Transformation with Business Process Management

The major roadblock for an enterprise in its journey towards digital transformation is in digitizing operational activities. Enterprises lack in resources and adequate systems to decouple existing silo-ed systems and processes as well as building new integrations that are flexible and can scale based on multiple variables in the future.

Modern Business Process Management platforms have come a long way and offer multiple features including collaborative modeling, process and flow design, context, reporting and analytics and more. At CIGNEX Datamatics, we work with various BPM platforms to create a holistic approach where people, information, machines and systems can talk to each other seamlessly.

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