At CIGNEX Datamatics, we leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models for predictive analytics. It leverages existing data stack (acquisition to real time processing) and orchestrates machine learning models to create forecasts and predictions.

An extensive data lake with the ability to acquire, process, manage data sets at scale helps us to build prediction models that delivers faster results with high accuracy. Our experience in full stack development allows us to formulate more data points and deliver better prediction results.  This essentially arms your data scientists to spend their valuable time more on problem formulation & domain interpretations, thereby enabling enterprises to predict business & industry trends, understand customers, improve business performance, identify risks and drive decision making at much higher levels of efficiencies & costs.

Predictive Analytics Use Cases

  • Sales Forecasting and Market Trends
  • Customer Churn and Retention
Solution Spotlight

Sales Forecasting and Reducing Student Churn for Leading University

Built an end to end data acquisition to machine learning pipeline using AWS services such as AWS Glue, AWS Redshift, AWS QuickSight, AWS SageMaker. The platform collected data from different university sources to create a prediction model for Key areas such as Inquiries, Enrollment, Dropouts. The entire pipeline was built with a concept of leveraging a pure services based stack which minimizes the licensing cost, maintenance cost and at the same time provides the right flexibility to cater to varied workloads.

Key Benefits

  • Top and bottom line gains from business insights and improved efficiency
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Open Source integration with Hadoop/HDFS, NoSQL Databases
  • Flexibility in deployment and built to scale