With growing competition, organizations are trying to explore possibilities to boost their revenue stream and stay ahead of their competitors. Streamlining processes can help organizations reinvent themselves to become more agile and efficient. Though enterprises may have a defined Quality Process Management mechanism, many of them are still unstructured and lack a proper management system.

CIGNEX Datamatics’ Quality Process Consulting services are designed to address the in depth process improvement and compliance requirements of an enterprise. Our aim is to enable organizations achieve Operational Excellence through deployment of best practices and processes in areas of Process & Quality Management. Along with Process and Quality improvement, we also enable organizations accomplish certifications by various Registered Certification Bodies.

Our Quality Process Consulting Experts operate from both onsite and offshore and help organizations across the globe reduce cycle time, increase productivity, and improve quality of service delivery and processes.


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Why Quality Process Consulting?

Improved QualityHigher Productivity & Reduced CostsImproved Customer SatisfactionOn-Time Delivery


Our Services

Quality Process Assessment & Governance

Assess the existing process maturity and develop an enterprise process mechanism &  governance framework to align process improvement initiatives across the enterprise

Quality Process Modeling and Architecture

Design the entire Quality Management System (QMS) based on the industry quality standards tailored as per the organizational needs

Process Documentation & Review

Document the quality management processes, templates, checklists, guidelines & standards and review the  documentation to ensure it is effective, usable and model/ framework compliant

Quality Process Deployment

Institutionalize the processes by providing various services like trainings, audits and spot checks for seamless implementation of the processes

Quality Process Improvement

Auditing the current processes against various standards, identifying gaps and providing recommendations for process improvement

Quality Process Audit & Appraisal

Assist in pre- audit preparation, identify the Registered Certification Bodies (RCB) & coordinate with them to accomplish the certification process

Compliance Standards

Under our ISO 9001 consulting services, our consultant design a tailored approach to help setting up Quality Management System and gain maximum benefit from it. Our ISO 9001 experts

  • Design, develop & implement the document management system as per ISO 9001 standards
  • Check the document management system and optimize it to improve performance
  • Mentor for the certification audit and coordinate with Registered Certification Bodies (RCB) to accomplish the certification process
  • Post certification support to sustain the performance improvement

With our ISO 27001 consulting services, we help establishing and maintaining an internal information security management system that meets best practices and international standards. Our ISO 27001 consultants

  • Assess the current information security state of your organization against ISO 27001 standards & define the scope for ISO 27001 certification
  • Assess the organization’s processes and identify process risks, risk mitigation and controls
  • Conduct an internal audit against the ISO 27001 standard and develop a corrective action report
  • Define a framework based on the report, train ISMS stakeholders & implement ISMS effectively
  • Identify and evaluate all possible security threats and vulnerabilities in the system and plan for risk mitigation & treatment actions
  • Identify and select an external certification body, co-ordinate with them & assist in the certification audit by providing all required documents and evidences to ensure certification

As part of our ISO 20000™consulting services, we facilitate organizations establish, operate, maintain and improve their Service Management System (SMS) as per the standards set out in ISO 20000:2011. Our ISO 20000™ consultants

  • Set up SMS with design and implementation of an integrated process system to meet the requirements of the auditable standard ISO 20000:2011
  • Identify gaps in the current processes, designing a process framework based on the analysis & deploying those frameworks
  • Conduct process implementation reviews & internal audits to evaluate implementation effectiveness and suggest corrective actions
  • Coordinate with Registered Certification Bodies (RCB) to accomplish the certification process

Our CMMI consultant provides an end to end CMMI consulting services in order to implement a rigorous and viable management system by 

  • Gap analysis & assessment to determine company’s current state of performance
  • Defining a process improvement strategy/roadmap
  • Customizing consulting solution by aligning processes to Quality needs
  • Implementing best practices to meet the CMMI appraisal requirements
  • Establishing a measurement framework
  • Ensuring Readiness for CMMI & SCAMPI Appraisal
  • Coordinating with certifying bodies to accomplish certification

Under our GDPR consulting services, we understand the impact of GDPR on your operations and deliver programs which enable you achieve compliance and generate Quality benefits. Our GDPR consultants take the following approach to ensure your GDPR compliance.

  • Data Mapping - Identify where the data resides, who can access it and if there are any risks to the data
  • Data Evaluation - Determine what data you need to keep & which ones you can discard
  • Data Security -Ensuring security measures in place to guard against data breaches, and setting up processes for quick action in case a breach occurs
  • Documentation Review - Review your documentation - privacy statements &  disclosures and adjust where appropriate
  • GDPR Process Establishment – Setting up new processes for handling data and designing policies & procedures which will enable you to handle issues, in case they arise.

Why CIGNEX Datamatics?

  • Global presence
  • Multi-sector experience
  • Expertise in leading Quality practices, quality programs, comparative benchmarking and designing quality process architectures
  • Well-established approach to provide assessment, strategy and road map, design, implementation, and operation methodologies.