Business Continuity through restoring services at a rapid pace is a necessary aspect of IT Services Management. Lapse in that affects employee efficiency and productivity. Enterprises hence need infrastructure solutions that are automated and intelligent to identify infrastructure trending towards a zero downtime. Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIF) automates incident handling, helps predict & mitigate incidents using instrumentation, automation, predictive analytics, DevOps and virtual desktop infrastructure. The platform improves user experience by 10x and optimizes resource utilization by 40%

The integral components of the framework are the real time user monitoring and instrumentation engine (GCare) that captures micro behavior and leverages a predictive analytics engine to remove any false positives. Zero Intelligence Framework™ utilizes profiling by scraping through the information to identify events that could potentially have high failure point. The platform triggers actions including Alerts, Initiation, Remediation etc. The platform leverages prediction models to automate repetitive actions and thereby reduces manual overhead and increases accuracy.


  • Reduces P1 and P2 incidents to a near zero thereby improving availability and business continuity
  • Quickly accesses root causes and ensuring corrective actions
  • Allows IT in organization to be a high performing team