We have been delivering Open Source solutions since 2000 and what we are seeing in the last few years is wider adoption by large corporate enterprises for reasons beyond cost - quality, security, interoperability, reliability and speed.

Speed is an Advantage — Need Now!

We all know the importance and benefits of time to market, what is more important - what enables you to gain speed advantage. Open Source based solutions offers full flexibility with respect to access to source code, integration, community or production support and an eco-system of developers or system integrators. Here are few case studies of how Open Source technology based solutions enabled our customers to deploy their solutions on time and read more about it in Success Stories.


First Mover Advantage with Timely Launch

Business need was to launch a collaborative marketplace of cloud computing products and services at the major event to generate a strong buzz and traction. Client gained first mover advantage : Over 350 products listed, over 1,000 active members, over 6 million visitors / quarter and all these at reduced 70%

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eCommerce Store in 30 Days

As part of eBay’s X.Commerce launch event, CIGNEX Datamatics signed-up for a challenge of "Extreme X.commerce business makeover” of a “mom and pop store” specializing in soccer merchandize in 30-day. SoccerPRO, based Redwood city now have Magento product based online store to serve local and global customers.

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CWG Event Site in 6 Weeks

A sports organization hosting multi-sport prestigious event involving athletes from 71 countries needed stable, robust, secure and compliant event website with an aggressive schedule of 6 weeks, CIGNEX Datamatics developed Drupal WCM based event site which had over 45 million visitors and thwarted 300k+ cyber attacks

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Proof-of-Concept in 14 Days

One of the largest banks in the Middle-East (Forbes Global 1000 company) had a business need of a quick proof-of-concept (test-drive) to make a strategic decision on portal roadmap. CIGNEX Datamatics delivered within 14 days, a fully functional POC allowing product evaluation (hands-on exposure) in company’s environment

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