In an interview with Mckinsey in 2017, Dan Tapscott – coauthor of Blockchain Revolution defined Blockchain as the “internet of value.”

Blockchain is an end to end decentralized, continuously updated, secure, distributed ledger enabling the transaction of assets akin to how we transfer information today. Information is transparent and could be verified and validated while maintaining the necessary data privacy of stakeholders involved.

On Blockchain, enterprises are today identifying the hidden opportunities that go beyond cryptocurrencies that can solve long standing business challenges and could disrupt various industries

Use Cases on Blockchain

Blockchain technology demonstrates tremendous potential across various verticals.

Blockchain decentralizes privacy and transfers the onus of data privacy on individuals who would have complete control over the management and distribution of their personal data

Tracking of goods across the distribution channel would be seamless with Blockchain platforms

From eliminating reconciliation to faster processing claim settlements, Blockchain has the power to completely transform financial services industry

CIGNEX Datamatics Blockchain Services

Our teams can work with you in identifying and assessing opportunities for assets that can be experimented on Blockchain

Educating and advising on core concepts of Blockchain and their real world impact on broader business use cases across the enterprise

Planned deployment of controlled use case to be further validated to its real world alternative and incrementally expanding its scope for the future