Product Description

Desktop publishing involves use of computer to perform the functions of print shop that include page layout and design, including graphics and pictures. This course enables you to learn the below using Adobe PageMaker

  • How to combine the text and graphics to produce documents
  • Prepare newsletters, brochures, books, design logos, brochures etc.
  • Prepare PDF, slide shows, email newsletters, and the Web
Duration: 2 days

Course Content:
  • Working with PageMaker Interface
  • Using Toolbox, Control Palette
  • Page manipulation
  • Changing the appearance of the text
  • Fine-tuning the graphics and images
  • Display the page in different views
  • Creating Master Pages
  • Setting the Leading
  • Applying Paragraph specifications
  • Setting Indents & Tabs, Column guides
  • Wrapping Text
  • Import text or images
  • Printing the document