Product Description

Many of the new features which are coming as per the version release for the Java are included in the Java 8 New Features Online Training. Java 8 New Features Online Training generally helps the developers who want to upgrade themselves with new features of Java 8. Java 8  new features Online Training includes the information for Lambda Expression which makes the developers to deal with the various conjunctions with operations developed for the Java Application. Java 8 New Features Online Training involves the installation of Java 8 version and performing some basic configuration in real time. Java 8 New Features Online Training focuses on the prime factor leading to the referencing for the methods created for the Application Deployment. Many of the new advanced tools and its related configuration is made included in the training making the developers to work with new tools developed for Java Applications


  • To offer complete introduction for new features of Java 8
  • To offer Hands-on approach for studying materials quickly and efficiently
  • Helps students in learning and executing all the functions thereby maximizing your overall skill sets

Advantage of Core Java 8 New Features Training Courses

  • Sound knowledge all new features
  • Clear understanding of Lambda expression
  • Learn Stream API Basic,Date Time API,Optional Class, Default method etc
Duration: 5 Days

Course Content:
  1. Everything about Lambda expression
  2. Method references
  1. Functional Interfaces
  2. Default method
  1. New tools
  2. Stream API Basic
  1. Date Time API
  2. Optional Class
  1. Nashorn, JavaScript Engine