Product Description

The Service Strategy (SS) certification is one of five ITIL® Service Lifecycle modules and provides you with the guidance that enables you to design, develop, and implement service provider strategy that aligns to the organizational strategy.

The SS module focuses on the importance of the strategic aspect of services within the IT service lifecycle. It provides the specific knowledge and techniques to help you demonstrate that you understand the risks and success factors and have the skills to develop and progress strategy within an organization or programme.

The SS module offers the same benefits to individuals who will be better able to understand the relationship between the IT and general aspects of their work and to appreciate how the ITIL best practice framework can help them work more efficiently.

Duration: 3 days

Course Content:
  1. Introduction to service strategy
  2. Service strategy principles
  3. Service strategy processes
  4. Governance
  5. Organizing for service strategy
  6. Technology considerations
  7. Implementing service strategy
  8. Challenges, critical success factors and risks