R Deep Learning Training primarily aims for understanding the developers with powerful Keras Library and its R Language interface. Deep Learning system generally deals with enabling previously impossible smart application, revolutionizing image recognition and also natural language processing.


  • Understanding the basic understanding of R Language
  • Understanding the setup of own deep-learning environment
  • Using Image Classification and generation


  • Expertise in developing and deploying Machine Learning Application
  • Performance Enhancement in Blockchain Application using R
  • Data Management Capabilities enforcement in Blockchain Application
Duration: 1 Day

Course Content:
  1. Basic Fundamentals of Deep Learning

    • Introduction to Deep Learning
    • Understanding the mathematical building blocks of Neural Networks
    • Overview of Neural Networks
    • Basic understanding on Machine Learning
  2. Deep Learning in Practice

    • Basics of Convolutional Neural Networks (convnets)
    • Dealing with Data Augmentation for Mitigation overfitting
    • Working with pretrained convnet for featuring extraction
    • Concept of Fine Tuning Pretrained convnet
  3. DL for Text and Sequences

    • Dealing with Preprocessing text data into meaningful representation
    • Working with Recurrent Neural Networks
    • Using 1D convnet for sequence Processing
  4. Concept of Advanced Deep Learning best Practices

    • Understanding Keras Functionality API
    • Working with Keras callbacks
    • Dealing with TensorBoard visualization Tool
  5. Concept of Generative Deep Learning

    • Using Text Generation with LSTM
    • Implementation of DeepDream
    • Neural Style Transfer Performing Steps
    • Working with Variational autoencoders
    • Understanding generative adversarial networks