Machine Learning with AWS Training primarily focuses on working with Data for particular use and also navigating the console. Amazon Machine Learning generally deals with making real-time and batch prediction terminology with Python and AML Console.


  • Understanding the Machine Learning concept with AWS Console
  • Building the predictive Application with the Amazon Infrastructure
  • Understanding the concept of Model for real-time prediction generation


  • Machine Learning Scenario with Cloud Based AWS Technology
  • Completely secure and easy to use for Developers
  • Using AML for Data Security and Analysis in Application
Duration: 2 Days

Course Content:
  1. Overview of Machine Learning
  2. Understanding the advantages of Machine Learning
  3. Overview of Amazon Web Services
  4. Understanding the concept of Amazon Machine Learning (AML)
  5. Dealing with Data in AML
  6. Dealing with Console in AML
  7. Concept of AMI with Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  8. Understanding the various types of Data Source
  9. Data Loading Concept in detail
  10. Overview of Data Nuts and Bolts
  11. Dealing with Consideration for Data
  12. Concept of Building Initial Model
  13. Additional Information on Model
  14. Evaluation concept on Models
  15. Prediction Methodology on Batch Processing
  16. Understanding the scenario of Real-time prediction
  17. Complete Management using API
  18. Model Creation concept using API
  19. Model Updation using AWS Console
  20. Understanding the Limits of Amazon Machine Learning