About The Training

What is NoSQL? What are various types of NoSQL databases? This training is aimed to clarify these concepts as well as take you through a journey into the world of MongoDB

What Will It Offer?

  • Overview of MongoDB – Document oriented database platform and how it is changing the way data is managed
  • How to design and develop applications on top of MongoDB? A brief dive into configuration, deployment and maintenance.
  • Delivers clarity in MongoDB concepts. The training would also educate them on best practices that can be necessary in enterprise delivery

Why You Should Enroll?

  • You will learn how to handle documents in a non-schema design. You would also learn how flexible this type of data store is compared to conventional data systems
  • You will learn how to architect a solution that includes MongoDB. What are the common mistakes and how to avoid them?
  • Understand about building applications on various types of content that best fit the solution environment.
  • Offer technology architecture topics related with cloud- based solutions and its services
Duration: 2 Days

Course Content:
  • Understanding NoSQL Concept & Architecture Patterns and MongoDB.
  • Development using MongoDB.
  • MongoDB Shell.
  • Document-oriented Data and Indexing.
  • Monitoring Management.
  • Querying Data & Optimization.
  • Aggregating Result.
  • Replication.
  • Update & Deletes.
  • Sharing