Free Assessment Workshop

To build an IT roadmap based on proven Open Source technologies

CIGNEX Datamatics invites you to be part of a FREE 1-day assessment workshop focusing on Open Source enterprise solutions. The assessment will focus on how Open Source technologies can be adopted and integrated with enterprise applications such as SAP/ERP, MS Office, Documentum/ECM, Business Intelligence, and

This workshop enables enterprises to maximize existing IT assets and build an roadmap based on proven Open Source technologies that reduce software Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in excess of 50% and help generate IT budget savings.

The FREE 1-day assessment workshop includes:

a. Situation Analysis
b. Gap Analysis
c. CIGNEX Datamatics Recommendations

A. Situation Analysis:

Interview key stakeholders and decision makers to:

  • Understand the Portal, Content and Big Data Vision, Business Drivers and Strategy
  • Understand the current landscape – your enterprise architecture, current systems inventory, challenges faced (As-is state)
  • Discuss the 2014 and beyond initiatives, along with desired solutions and features (To-be state)

Location: Client Site / WebEx Conference Call
Duration: 2 – 3 hours

B. Gap Analysis:

Based on the information gathered, CIGNEX Datamatics would do a detailed existing IT landscape and need analysis. Using our proven methodology, tools and experience of over 400 implementations, CIGNEX Datamtics will:

  • Study the requirements and carry out a Gap-analysis
  • Explore options that would lead to the To-be state
  • Collaborate with product companies’ architects to finalize solution architecture, implementation & integration approach and ensure solution scalability

Location: CIGNEX Datamatics office
Duration: 4 Hours

C. CIGNEX Datamtics Recommendations:

In this interactive session CIGNEX Datamatics Team will:

  • Present the recommended architecture and share potential benefits
  • Have an on-site Architect to address technical deep-dive questions,
    offer objectives and present a live demonstration

Location: Client site / WebEx Conference Call
Duration: 2-3 Hours

This FREE Assessment Workshop is an excellent opportunity to experience the tremendous benefits enterprise Open Source solutions provide.

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*Approximate value of 1-day Free Assessment is >$2,000