Consumers today have little patience and are more demanding with respect to their product and application requirements. Enterprises are struggling to keep up and the conventional time intensive development models that are not only affecting the customer base but also bringing down the brand. Not to mention the final applications derived from these long drawn cycles are often not flexible, and demands a lot of change from its customers. The onset of mobile applications is one of the key factors driving this shift.

Low code platforms are designed to enable enterprises to develop applications with quick turnaround time. It includes minimal coding, faster integration, rapid deployment, and the platforms are expected to work on any device without much configuration.

At CIGNEX Datamatics, we leverage OutSystems – the leading Low Code Development Platform to create enterprise grade applications. OutSystems is scalable and secure and its architecture is loosely coupled allowing enterprise to decouple existing ecosystems.


  • OutSystems Consulting and Project Planning
    • Business case evaluation
    • Process fitment analysis
    • Project scoping, Scheduling and SDLC Management
  • OutSystems Design and Architecture
    • Solution architecture, review and design
    • Development strategy and approach
    • Defining technical, functional and non-functional specifications
    • Application implementation and design
  • OutSystems Development Services
    • Development strategy and approach
    • App development, integration, configurations and customization
    • Code reviews and standard operating procedures
  • OutSystems Maintenance & Support
    • Application support and maintenance
    • Migration support
    • Incident management
    • 24*7 on call and email support
  • Server Administration
    • Installation, environment setup and configuration
    • ADFS, LDAP Integration
    • Server monitoring & health check-ups
    • Disaster recovery and backup

Why CIGNEX Datamatics ?

  • Committed to Low Code Development platforms providing services on OutSystems to leading Energy Management Company
  • Ramping up strength on OutSystems with adequate knowledge base and resources
  • Experience of development of over 300 enterprise  applications for various industry verticals