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19 May 2017

If your long standing business derives its value from COBOL based mainframes, then it’s time to seek out a powerful alternative that is

  • Relevant to today’s times
  • Available with a lower maintenance cost when compared to aging systems
  • Enabling immediate gains with modern day cloud based architecture 
  • Driven to let you optimize human capital more effectively

At CIGNEX we have end to end capabilities to plug in a new age cloud based solutions that act as worthy successors to the now bulky and high maintenance mainframes that your organization has been using for the past 20-25 years.


At CIGNEX we employ a time tested proven methodology that helps you migrate from an aging monolith to a nimble cloud based solution. This will open up architectural styles and patterns that can provide scalability, performance, and maintainability. We distribute the multiple applications across different server instances in a cluster. This way you can utilize and manage these microservices as a nearly independent part of the system.

In another arrangement, you can achieve scalability service wise instead of application wise. Because of its ability to scale up ad scale down as per client side load balancing requirements, you can get immense cost savings and efficiency boost.

We further optimize datastore by separating the writes from the reads. By saving up resources on reads, you can gain unmatched value in a distributed environment where the transactions will be eventually consistent.

This deep domain expertise is matched by our diverse exposure on Spring platform, AWS, CloudFoundry, Heroku which gives us an edge over others in microservices world.


We understand that as a CIO/CTO it is your responsibility to ensure that every dollar spent justifies in terms of value that emanates from the investment. In fact a datastore migration carried out by experienced domain specialists like CIGNEX in a structured manner, not only protects your data integrity but also unlocks a whole new world of opportunities worth exploring with the new age alternative.

You can read more on the white paper I wrote recently on the same topic.